168 Hours in the Week.

I’m going to be short.  Brewers good, Bucks bad, Packers draft soon.  I promise to write about these things soon.  I think I may work too much.  Now, Math.

7 days at 24 hours = 168 hours in the week

168 – 62 hours on the clock = 102 hours left.

102 – 6 hours of weekly commute = 96 hours left.

96 – (8.5 hours sleep a night * 7 nights) = 36.5 hours left.

36.5 – 7 hours of time spent in the bathroom = 29.5 hours left.

29.5 – 4.5 hours spent cooking/eating = 25 hours left.

25 – 3 hours shopping/waiting in line = 22 hours left.

22 – 9 hours watching the Brewers on TV = 13 hours left.

13 – 2 hours of laundry = 11 hours left.

11 – 10 hours of chasin’ tail/drinking/general bad behaviour = 1 hour left

1 – 30 minutes to write this = half hour left for actualy writing about sports.


2 Responses to 168 Hours in the Week.

  1. Craig Earl says:

    Interesting reading. Sounds like this butthead from NY has blinders on. Favre is and always will be the man. Others may have more talent, ie, Mannings, Brady, but they will never touch Favre as a human being and his desire to play the game. I know someone who broadcasts for one of the national networks and has interviewed Brady several times and has told me on several occassions that he is the most conceited ass hole they have ever worked with, bar none.
    Also, please note that I live in Utah, so I have no Wisconsin bias for Favre. I only have bias for those who make the NFL profession proud. Thanks for your comments.

  2. OMAR says:

    Wake up, man. FavRe needs you.

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