The Best Part of Staying Up…

is getting home just as the sun rises, knowing full well that the Brewers play at noon, and I have a new episode of Battlestar Galactica to watch. I only wish that I had spent the last 12 hours doing something that anyone might consider ‘fun’. I mean, there were the deliveries to the Wisconsin High School Football Coaches Association’s convention at the Marriott. If y’all want to have some fun, or at the very least drink until you’re belligerent, I suggest A High School Football Coaches Convention. It doesn’t matter which state you live in, just go. And bring a camera. And Beer. Lots and lots of beer.

The Monkey\'s new hatso here is a reason to love Canada and their crazy idea to make the football field longer, and increase the number of players on the field.  The best idea  any Americans had (after the XFL, of course) is to play football indoors on a field the size of a hockey rink.  There’s a reason why some people resist change, Arena Football being only a small example.  My example would be how I was getting along just fine with the old WordPress interface.  I didn’t mind typing in align=”left” to turn on word wrappping.  I really didn’t.  Then some-one decided to change the entire way I do (non) business.  Now I hardly recognize this website.  I may be for Obama, but I’d vote for “stay the course” candidate to run WordPress.

And now to change the subject completely and suddenly, The Brewers whaled on the Giants yesterday, doing their part to erase the awful memory of the last time a team called the Giants played a Wisconsin franchise.  Villanueva looked good, as did the Brewers offense and now Parra will get a turn to tune-up against a Cleveland-Indians-In-Major-League-esque Giants squad at noon today.  Until then, good day.


2 Responses to The Best Part of Staying Up…

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Xah Lee says:


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    (sorry if this post is duplicate. It didn’t show up before.)

    Xah Lee

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