Game Day.

It’s 12:07 and Manny Parra throws a strike for his first pitch of the day. Given that Benjie Molina is the Giants clean up hitter I feel pretty good about todays game. Parra gets the first two outs to put a smile on my face. Until just now I had no idea that Randy Winn was still in the bigs. I kind of feel sorry for Bruce Bochy because no one could manage 65 wins with San Francisco’s lineup. Giants go 3 up 3 down and the Brewers will get to bat. Kevin Correia is pitching for SF, and he’s perhaps a bright spot for them. Will he be the Bays next Jason Schmidt or the next Merkin Valdez? I wonder if Merkin’s parents knew what a Merkin is when they named him. Prince Fielder grounds into a DP to end the inning. And yes, I know what else DP can stand for.

Damn you WordPress, with your non functional link adder. I know I could just edit the HTML, but I’m lazy and lazy people don’t writ HTML code when they’re as tired as I am. Molina ends up getting an extra base on a wild throw from Counsell. Cest la ‘vive, No? Potential web gem for Fielder? Maybe an athletic catch by a fat man just seems more impressive than if a more lithe player had made it.

I can feel a nap coming on. I’ll try to make it, but I don’t know if I can.

End of the Giants 2nd. Parra has 3 strikeouts so far. Interesting note: Counsell’s error was the Crew’s first of the season.

Crew get the first 2 on with noone out in the bottom of the 2nd. Correia looked good in the 1st, but not so much against the last two batters. I think that Braun ripping one into left may have shaken him a bit. A fielders choice gets Braun at third, but Hart out-hustles the double play attempt. I guess now its time to see if Mike Rivera can hit.  Shitty.  Bill Hall just got thrown out stealing third.  at least Cory Hart is on 2nd, but none of this matters if Rivera goes down.

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM!!  Rivera flubs one in the infield grass, almost like a bunt, and the throw to first was wide by 5 feet, Cory Hart scored from second. Add this moment to the already long Giants blooper reel.  Bad Luck or Incompetence?  You Decide.

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