Last Chance to Sweep.

Brewers are down 3 in the top of the 9th.  3 more outs to sweep the Cubs and open the season on the best possible note.  It’s only with trepidation that I believe its good news that Kerry Wood is coming on to close the game, even after his game one performance.  Win or lose I have to leave for work before the game will be over.

2 outs left for the Crew as Corey Hart Ks.  Wood seems to have some confidence back, he’s throwing strikes today.  Hardy grounds out, and the Brewers have one out left.  Crew gets a double and now is when Jason Kendall can earn his money.  Confident Kerry left and Kendall has a 3-1 count to work with here.

Here is something for Cubs fans to think about. 

It’s over on a called strike.  Way to earn the highest salary on the team Jason.

I have to work now, try to keep it together.


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