After the Rain Delay

3:47 – Gwynn makes a catch at the wall, end of four. I missed nearly a whole inning because I played a couple games of pool. Now that we’ve had some time to drink this almost seems intriguing.

3:50 – according to the announcers there’s now been 93 minutes of delays. Plus the pretentious BS before the first pitch. 3 up down for the Cubs, they bat next, middle of 4. Here is a sexy picture…

sexy AND patriotic

it’s also patriotic.

3:56 – Sheets looks more in control than before the delay. He’s got an awful lot of movement on the curveball today, and now its the bottom of the 5th with 2 out. Make it the top of the 6th.

4:05 – middle of the 6th as the Crew goes 0-3.

4:17 – Top of the seventh and the Crew can’t it shit until Bill Hall doubles off the wall. 1 out and a chance here. Zambrano looks really good today, but I think he’s nervous now.

4:20 – Bill Hall gets greedy and gets picked off. Good God-damn. It’s a little like watching a monkey with a football. He’s got no idea what to do with it, but damn if he’s not trying to fuck it.

4:33 – Ben Sheets is gone, Salomon TOrres is in, let’s see what happens.

4:37 – Jason Kendall runs down Fukudome. What the Fuck Would Johnny Estrada have Done??

4:46 – Nothing is happening. Less of a pitcher’s duel and more of a shitty hitting clinic. This is everything that baseball shouldn’t be. It’s cold and cloudy and wet. It’s muddy and messy, and the longer this goes on the more nervous I am. Mota is on for Torres. Z.L. remarks that its just about Turnbow Time, and Milk says some disparaging remarks. Let’s see if Mota can perform at his Spring Training Standard.

5:00 – Rickie Weeks gets beaned. and the top of the ninth looks promising. T.G. Jr. bunts foul for a second strike, and Gwyn could attempt another bunt or have Jr. try to slap one into the outfield. Sac bunt.

5:05 – positive vibes about this Braun at bat.

5:06 – Braun gets a RBI and the Crew get one. Nice concentration and good technique got em that one. Now there’s two on and a chance for Bill Hall to score one or both runners. ZL has a bad feeling, but its only because he doesn’t have any faith.

5:09 – Hall K’s, killing my hope. Peteson isn’t as drunk as me but he still thinks he’s going to class. But I still think Hart will Hit.

5:10 – Hart RBI triple, Brewers 3 Cubs 0. Oh my god, Gagne’s coming, and I’m suddenly sick. I’d feel better if I saw some boobs…

Liz Shue

5:15 and Gagne hasn’t got past his loss of confidence. Lee gets a single.

5:17 – “Q: How many Brewers fans does it take to throw a Cubs fan down the stairs. A: None. He Fell.” – Z.L.

5:21 – “10 million dollars you motherfucker!” – Peteson after Gagne serves up a 3-run HR to Fukudome, who comes up for a curtain call. God I hate the fucking Cubs. tied at 3-3.

5:23 – Milk is being so negative, talking its over. Gagne finally gets an out. I gotta piss. Like a racehorse.

5:27 – Gagne doesn’t hustle to first and Pie finagles a single. Lazy fucker. all of this is following the FSN announcers telling me that Gagne spread the gas and Turnbow is coming on to light the match. I hear the Prodigy in my head.

5:32 – More nerve racking than a 1 point basketball game with 30 second left Gagne finally retires the side. Ten Million Fucking Dollars.

5:40 – Counsell scores on a Gwynn sac fly. Brewers up one in the tenth with two out.

5:41 – Fielder gets a base hit, two out, first and third. This bodes well, as Cousell coming in means a pinch hitter for Gagne. I don’t know for sure, I was smoking, but it makes me happy. The announcers call Aramis Ramerez Lazy.

5:44 – Braun flys out and the Cubs will come up to bat. I can only hope that if Turnbow is pitching that he won’t try to make Eric Gagne look good.

5:46 – “Its a good thing I brought Doritos” – Z.L.

5:47 – Riske is pitching now for Gagne. He gets a groundball out. He probably can attribute his good spring stats to his fb/gb ratio.

5:49 – Kendall makes a heads up play and I ask again, What Would Johny Estrada have one? or WWJEHD? GWYNN MAKESA GREAT CATCH, Brewers Win! Here i another sexy picture, because you deserve it…

4th of July


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