Circle of Life, Doing the Bull Dance, or, uh, not doing the bull dance…

You ever wake up to a phone call that feels like its part of your dream? I only ask because this morning I got a call from the twins, it went like this:

Me – “Hello?”

Them – “Hey, what’s up M?”

Me – “This is highly inappropriate.”

Them – “Didn’t mean to wake you up dude, just thought you should know, Favre Retired.”

*long pause*

Me – “Call you back.”

Needless to say I have not yet called them back. In fact if they had delivered a message like this a thousand years ago, they likely would have been hung. So I lay there in bed, drifting in and out of increasingly worse dreams until – BOOM – I’m awake. Staring up at the ceiling it occurred to me – It’s not the end of the world. Then I looked at my phone. I had a few new messages. They were all one word texts, and I would have been very confused if my Brothers hadn’t told me about Favre. They read simply, “NO”, “fuck”, and “shit”. They were all from different people.

But now, at the end of the (sporting-news) day (because what else are you going to cover today?) I tell you its not so bad. Watch the tube…

If you’re wondering why I have a Cal vs USC clip embeded, Aaron Rodgers is the Cal starting QB, that’s why. It’s not like we’re the Atlanta Falcons right now. So Goodbye Brett, we’ll miss you greatly. And Welcome Aaron, you’d better not Fuck This Up.

question marks

“Thanks for finally letting me play Brett!”

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