State’s in Town. MSU @ WI **LiVe**

8:25 – picking this up after work, 10:20 left in the 1st half, MSU 16 – WI 14. Izzo just subbed out his entire starting lineup to keep his guys fresh, but after a Badger dunk it’s tied at 16. I understand why he did it, but he was dumb to do it.

8:27 – MSU guy travels when he gets caught in between 3 WI defenders. Butch hits his second three. , Badgers lead with 8:12 left after MSU puts in their starters back in.

8:29 – Spartans get called for traveling again. They were solidly in control, but Izzo subbing 5 guys simultaneously messed up the MSU rhythm. If it ain’t broke….

8:33 – mad scramble for a loose ball sends 4 or 5 players to the floor. Possession to WI with a pt lead and 6 minutes left.

8:34 – Joe Krabbenhoft knocked down a 3? Here is his picture…

shoulder rub

8:35 – Now Butch hits a 3, score is MSU 20 WI 24. Marcus Landry gets a two back from MSU. 4 minutes left and MSU calls a timeout. Former Badger Devon Harris drops 21 points and 5 dimes in 18 minutes tonight and it seems like a good omen with UW now leading by 6.

8:40 – Drew Nietzel is 0/5 so far. Badgers still up by 6 with minutes left in the half.

8:43 – Badgers are taking too many threes. It’s been a while since anyone scored. Timeout with a minute left. In fact its been almost 3 minutes since the last basket by either team. MSU’s Lucas gets a runner to go, UW 26 MSU 22 with 30 seconds left in the half, and another Timeout means that Bo Ryan will draw up a play for the last shot, although I’d prefer a shot with about 7 or 8 seconds to allow a second chance. Now the announcers are telling everyone about the winter Madison’s had, as if its funny. Landry hits a 2 with 10 seconds left, and MSU won’t get the last shot off. Half ends with UW up 28-22. There’s Erin Andrews…

8:52 – ESPN’s calling this week in college basketball “Judgement Week” which is also the working title of the 4th Terminator movie, which follows an elderly Arnold around the retirement home with John Conners grandmother. I just think its a bit melodramatic.

I just saw a great commercial for this. I concur.

But back to the game – Goran Suton is really keeping the Spartans in the game. He’s got 12 points to lead all scorers. Strangley, Michigan State is out-rebounding the Badgers 16-12, but trail by 6.

9:05 – Spartans draw first blood in the second half, and cut the lead to 4. The refs aren’t going to call too many fouls, and the team that adapts best will win. 18 minutes left now, and the Badgers are playing tough defense.

9:08 – a couple UW free throws are followed by a runner by MSU’s Lucas. 16 minutes left now, UW inbounds with a short shot clock. it seems like the Badgers are forcing a lot of bad shots, but so is MSU.

9:12 – Krabbenhoft just fell over going up for a dunk. He looked like a deer on ice. MSU travels again, and then the Badgers miss another shot, and there’s been one mad FG by both teams combined this half.

9:16 – There’s now two made FG’s as Flower’s gets a layup in transition. He’ll shoot a free throw, but with 6:30 gone in the 2nd half it looks like this game could end up in the 40’s. The announcers want the low score to not seem so bad, comparing it to a pitching duel, but go back to UW- Duke to see what happens when a good defense meets a great offense. Drew Nietzel’s misses again and is now 0/6. I’ll save the disparaging comments for after the game.

9:22 – UW and MSU both get points on consecutive possessions. How did that happen?

9:24 – a Flower’s three makes it a 7 point WI lead, but Nietzel hits his first shot of the game (a three) to cut it back to 4. Both teams are picking up the pace. Annoucer just said quick release. get it? Quick Release?

9:26 – Butch hits a couple FTs to extend the WI lead to 6. Both teams are playing pretty good help D. Bo Ryan bio time, as the announcers completely gloss over the job he had at UW-Platteville. I guess 352 wins and 4 D3 championships are easy to forget. MSU cuts the lead to 5. Krabbenhoft hits a two with his foot on the three point arc. Who knew he had that kind of range?

9:32 – Neitzel can’t buy a shot. TV graphic shows that UW has only 1 turnover in the game. There’s 6 and a half left and Erin Andrews gets some airtime, but strangley they don’t show her on the screen, instead opting for dejected Spartans on the bench. Badgers lead 41-34radiated dewey

9:37 – Neitzel misses a three (again) and Brian Butch hits another three. someone just said “pronation” Here is a picture of Brian, as Erin Andrews is talking again, but is still not on the screen. Strange. Not as strange as all the backhanded compliments the announcers are giving Butch. He hits again, and the Badgers are running away now, 50-36.

9:42 – Butch is now 4/7 from beyond the arc. He’s probably the prototype that Bo Ryan looks for to run his swing offense. A seven footer that plays fundamental defense and can also play in the post as well as the perimeter.

9:45 – Hughes gets a bank shot to go in, and after MSU a bucket back its 55-38 with 2 and a half to go. It’s within the realm of possibility that the Badgers will hold the Spartans under 40. That’s probably the only reason I’m still watching.

9:48 – Krabbenhoft gets popped in the face and after UW controls a rebound (that’s right, MSU is still at 38) the officials stop play with 2:12 left in the game.

9:49 – ESPN2 names Michael Flowers as the player of the game on account of Drew Nietzel being held to 3 points, can’t disagree. MSU gets a two to spoil the Badgers chance at a sub 40 defensive performance. There’s a minute and a half left, and if UW can run the clock down here, they’ll have a chance to limit MSU to one more ….THERE”S ERIN ANDREWS!!! wow. I can’t believe it took this long for her to get some screen time. The announcers are praising the Nitty Gritty, despite the fact that they play that terrible Birthday song 5 times an hour. MSU gets another 2, but being held to 40 some points is still freakin’ embarrassing.

9:55 – Clocks done, game’s over, Badgers win 57-42. Here is a picture…

Angry Drew Neitzel


2 Responses to State’s in Town. MSU @ WI **LiVe**

  1. Elvi Patterson! says:

    I may put Wisco in my sweet sixteen.

  2. evenchunkiermonkey says:

    I’m worried about UW laying an offensive egg in the second round, but you’re right about the sweet 16, so long as Butch doesn’t dislocate his elbow again. That was the motherfucker last year. Ryan recruits alot of tall white dudes, but Butch is the best of all those tall white dudes. I guess it all really depends on what kind of seed they get. A number 4 and they’re probably lose to a 1 in the sweet 16, a 2 or 3 seed and maybe they make the elite 8. I’ll just have to wait and see a Bracket before I put em anywhere.

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