No Freakin’ Way. I Don’t Believe.

Its a joke right?  It’s got to be.  There’s no way that this man is a vegetarian.

prince fielder

Is there?  I’ve read the article, but I can’t help but suspect that he’s sneaking in some fatback on the side.  (Tangent: Prince said that his wife gave a book about how it was mean to eat meat and that’s why he’s now a vegetarian.  I just wonder if she held out on him until he agreed to substitute cottage cheese for double cheese burgers.  Also, did she inspire this change because (a) She was genuinely concerned for his health.  (b) She is genuinely concerned about ‘animal rights’ or (c) she was tired of having to lift up his belly to….you know.  ???)

Personal Prejudice against PETA aside, other things are happening that involve the Brewers.  Mostly the pitchers, so here goes…

Brewer’s Starting Rotation

The Brewers don’t know what to do with Carlos V. and  Ben Sheets wants to stay healthy.  What’s new about this?  Nothing, really.  Here’s how I see the Crew’s starting rotation coming together…

1. Ben Sheets – Ace of the staff.  Wants to be healthy, but won’t be.  Penciled in here as the Crew’s #1 starter, and will be when he’s not on the DL.

2. Yovani Gallardo – The New Hope.  Young guy with big potential.  Pitched very well for a Rookie last year, and is #2 on my rotation, but may end up at Yost’s #3

3.  Jeff Suppan – The 6 million dollar man.  Gave the Brewers an adequate showing last year, and will likely give them the same this year.  Definitely getting a starting job.

4. Carlos Villanueva – Remarkable last season in only his second year, he’s got the skill to be a solid starter.  Yost and Maddux will be well served to let this young man start, although he could end up in long relief.  But he wouldn’t be needed in long relief if the starting pitching was better.  Confused?  Don’t be.  Even if Carlos isn’t named as a starter out of spring training, just wait a month for Sheets to sprain something and Carlos will get some starts.

5. ???

Here’s where all this gets tricky.  Parra, Vargas, Capuano and Bush are essentially vying for the one spot.

Given how the Brewers handled Carlos V. last year, I’m discounting the possibility that Manny Parra will be named a starter.  He’s talented, sure, but erring on the side of caution has been a trademark of the Crew, even when they desperately needed starting pitching last season.  I’d expect to see him in relief only.
So its really between Vargas, Capuano and Bush.  All 3 finished last season with an ERA of 5.09 to 5.12.  Not inspiring I know.

Claudio Vargas finished with an 11-6 record, despite a WHIP of over 1.5 and ERA of 5.  How?  Was it blind luck, or just the knowledge of the offense that they needed to score a lot because Claudio gets knocked around?  Something to consider: Claudio’s 07 performance is pretty close to his career average.

Chris Capuano had a miserable year.  Not just on account of his 5+ ERA (which is over half a run higher than his career average.)  He went months without a win.  Blind luck or the result of pitching 219+ innings the previous two years in a row?  I think the guy just burned out last year, and answering the question: Can he come back? probably can’t be answered by the end of Spring Training.

The Bottom Line?

5. Dave Bush – Will be the #5 starter for your Milwaukee Brewers!  He finished just a half run above his career average and has been by and large injury free.  Not only has he been a workhorse for two years now, but he has a better K/BB ratio than Capuano and Vargas.  He’ll get the nod for the final spot.

Not to worry for Cappy, Claudio and Manny.  There’ll be plently of spot starts and long relief opportunities.  Plus should anyone screw the pooch the Brewers have plenty of options, no?

Will He Be Back?

Who cares??  Does it matter now?  With training camp months and months and months away??  Personally I’m more interested in who the Packers might draft, Who they franchised, and who’s recovering from severe injury.  Favre will tell us soon enough.  Besides, it’s almost time for March Madness, and soon afterward there’ll be baseball.  Then its still a matter of 5 or so months until training camp even starts.  So unbunch the panties and play some Madden if you really can’t stop thinking about Favre long enough ponder Bubble Teams and Cactus League Baseball.  Either that or debate the call of Tails that gave the Falcons the third overall pick.


Blame Games and Buck’s Basketball

Who’s fault is the Buck’s suckitude?  Do I blame Larry Harris, GM extraordinaire?  Do I blame an owner meddling?  Do I blame the players?  I don’t think I’ll be making the trip to Milwaukee to see the Bucks play this year.  If I want to see sub-par basketball that borders on comedy I’ll go see Semi-Pro.

Bo Ryan Loves Tall Minnesotans

Here’s the proof.   I wish I was 6-8.  Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Big 10 Basketball, Kelvin Sampson got fired, which means I have to keep this picture in the can for a couple years until he gets hired and then fired again…

 NCAA rep demanding to speak with Sampson



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