What? When Did Gooden Grow that Beard?

I knew he had facial hair, but damn. Thicker than my beard. Not thicker than this guy’s beard…

impressive beard

But still pretty thick.

duncan on gooden beard love Here’s a shot of some beard on beard action that fans in Cleveland will be missing since the epic trade.  (click to enlarge) As much as Ben Wallace and Wally S. can help out the Cavs I don’t think it was good idea to trade Gooden.  11 points, 8 rebounds are good for a Power Forward on a team with LeBron James.  I can see the whole aspect of wanting to deal Hughes for a bonafide 3 point threat, and they got that in Wally S.  I’m skeptical, however, of whether this will work out to be a case of addition by subtraction or subtraction by addition.  Also Props to Danny Ferry for getting Delonte West from Sam Presti.  To celebrate that, here is another picture of the newest Chicago Bull, Dwight Gooden’s Beard…

hot beard on beard action ptII

“Ride it, My Pony!”

End of the day?  Maybe this trade is great for the Cavs, maybe not.  Theyre a playoff team either way.  Chicago makes out alright, getting Hughes and Gooden, and they don’t have to pay Ben Wallace.  The Sonics get….Um, Donyell Marshall?  Also, Joe Smith goes to Cleveland.  I had 5th row seats for the Bucks vs Raptors at the Bradley Center a few years back when Joe Smith dove 3 rows deep after a loose ball.  I told him “way to hustle.”  It was the only positive thing I would say, aside from encouraging Tony Kukoc to drive on Brian Cardinal.  But enough about a totally irrelevant story.

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