You’ll Vote, and You’ll like it Bitch.

I voted just now.  Here is a picture of my ballot.

Wisconsin Primary Ballot

It was so easy.  It only took about 35 minutes between driving to my polling place, filling out my change of address form, voting and then getting home.  I just have one question….Who drives to the polling station, stands in line, fills out paperwork when necessary and then votes for Uninstructed Delegation?  It’s a little like asking a bartender to surprise you.  Sometimes you get something you like, but other times she brings you (a) Something fruity with an umbrella or (b) Some skunked up selection from the back of the cooler that should have been discarded a month ago.  So who did I vote for?  I wrote in my own name, just like I do every year for every office.

Now I know you’re asking yourself…Where Do I Go To Vote??!?  The answer is simple, at least if you live in Madison.  The Office of the Clerk has a website that tells you where to go and what to bring if you aren’t already registered.

In other news…  The Patriots want another over-the-hill slow linebacker.  Hmmm.

Also the Badgers take on the Illini tomorrow at 8 pm, so even though I will be at home thanks to Charter/Big Ten Network Standoff I will not be watching the game from the comfort of my living room.  Thank you Money, you are the root of all blackouts.


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