It’s been a Good Day.

Thanks to Dane 101 for the link.  I was just kidding when I said that I wrote myself in, just thought I would point that out quick.  Who did I actually vote for?  Let me first tell you who I didn’t vote for.  I didn’t vote for McCain, because he’s wrong about Iraq, too old, and has a strange growth on his jaw.  I didn’t vote for Huckabee because he’s crazy.  I didn’t vote for Ron Paul, because he wants to eliminate the IRS, and while I don’t particularly like paying taxes, I DO like federally funded highways, internet infrastructure, medicare, social security, etc.  I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she couldn’t figure out the “evidence” about Iraq’s “WMD’s” was bullshit, even though I could smell it on my couch in Wisconsin.  Who did I vote for?  I voted for Obama.  And he won.  He’s going to win the nomination, and he’s going to win the general election.  I wouldn’t trade that for a Packer’s Super Bowl victory.

But since this blog is essentially about sports…

Yovanni Gallardo is getting his knee scoped?

Shaq as a Sensei?

Stupid NCAA Men’s BB Drama?

Is it me, or is there nothing interesting going on in the wide world of sports tonight?

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