Freezing Rain?!? More Snow?? What do You mean Earlier?

Yesterday, around noon, I was all settled in. My favorite shows had been downloaded, my lunch was made, and I had a nap planned for the early afternoon.  Then the phone rang.  It was work.  I told myself that I wasn’t going to pick up.  I had a hangover to nurse and a sandwich and a blanket.  But I picked it up anyway, and this is what I heard: “You need to come in early…”

What do you mean early?  I have today off.  Right?   WRONG.  Oh my good God was I wrong.  So instead of enjoying a Rob & Big mini-marathon, followed by an afternoon of popcorn TV I enjoyed a 13 hour shift.  Super.  So Here’s some of what I was going to write yeasterday, but mostly its not what I was going to write yesterday

Eric Gagne is Sorry.  A Sorry Sack of Shit.

Why do I keep thinking that I will curse more at Gagne than any other Brewer over the upcoming season?  This is why.  I’m sorry about the distraction but not being overpaid on the basis of a few roided up seasons? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a fuck that you juiced, I’m just pissed that you can’t get away with it now that you’re a Brewer.  I’m also pissed that you haven’t pitched for shit since you stopped.  See this for my general opinion on the whole Steroids thing.

Deaven George (still) Hates NJ.
But that won’t keep Mark Cuban from his Quixotic quest to have Jason Kidd on his team.  Probably should have just payed Steve Nash, huh guy?   Then you wouldn’t have to pay Van Horn just to make this whole fucking thing work in the NBA Trade Machine.  You know who I feel bad for in this deal?  Devon Harris.  He’s got to move to New Jersey (that’s one strike) and play with Vince Carter, who’s got to hate this whole situation more than George and may or may not quit on the Nets in a couple weeks (that’s two strikes) and no matter how well the kid plays it will never be as good as Kidd performed and he’ll be reminded of that by the local media (that’s strike three).  Imagine stepping out of Steve Nash’s shadow and into Jason Kidd’s.
Andrew Bogut wants to play for a winning NBA team??  The Bucks are so screwed.  Just gimme a beer now because I’ll need one so bad in a month that you couldn’t get me one fast enough.  This whole Bucks being terrible thing is too much, so instead of 200 words about why the Bucks have gone 2-8 over their last 10, I’m going to ask you to click here to view a beer “family tree”.  I found this after an argument with a coworker about the distinction between ales and lagers.  Most of my personal favorites are Ales, while he prefers Lagers.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good Lager as well, however I cannot drink Bock beer.  I don’t know exactly what makes a Bock a Bock, but it turns my stomach.  Give a Porter, a Pilsner, a pale ale or lager.  Give me a stout or wheat beer, or an IPA.  Just never order me the Maibock.

 More about Beer.

I hate the Heineken Draught Keg.  With a passion.  $18 at the liquor store and this is what happened.  Assembly of the “draught” system goes with incident.  The first glass out of the keg?  all foam.  The whole glass.  Here is picture…

1st glass

Now it feels like a keg party!!!  WHOOOO FOAM!!!!   It wouldn’t have been terrible, but here are some pics of beers poured afterward (click to enlarge.)

2nd glass   5th pic

These were pretty representative of how this ugly motherfucker pours.  95% foam, guaranteed.  Also, another complaint I have is how messy the fucking thing is.  First off the tapper drips, which is one part annoying now and a second part annoying later when you have to clean it up.  My final complaint is that not only does the tapper drip, but the top also can leak and fill the top of the keg with Hollands Finest.  Here are more pictures…

4th picfinal pic

Apple Cart in Summary…

 Bucks stink, Brewers need to trade some pitching, Mark Cuban is a ego maniac, and instead of spending $18 on a “mini-keg” spend it on a treasure chest of Natty or Beast.  You’ll enjoy your experience more.



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