What Time’s the Game Start?

Working hard for the money this morning, I had that moment of panic that hits when something seems to happening much much sooner than you anticipated. I have tickets to the UW hockey game tonight. GOOD TICKETS. Right on center ice. Earlier in the week my Dad had called to tell me that game was on for 7. This led me to tell my boss that I could indeed work Saturday morning. I’m all good and fine until about noon, when I start seeing a dozens of people making their way towards the Kohl Center decked out in Red and White. This is when that moment of panic strikes, coupled with a miniature adrenaline rush. I flip my stereo from Sirius to terrestrial, and lo….

I had forgotten that the Badgers were also playing basketball in Madison today. What this meant was I am retarded for panicking because the hockey game will be pushed back as the Kohl Center employees remove the basketball court to reveal the ice beneath. So I listened to the Badgers just barely beat the Gophers while I drove today.

Wisconsin vs Minnesota

Final Score? UM -56 UW – 65

I know that 65 points won’t cut it in March, but I am truly happy that it was enough today. The truth is that the Badgers didn’t so much WIN the game as the Gophers LOST it. Minnesota went from 8:44 left in the 2nd half (when it was tied at 45) until 4:19 when they hit a 3 to make it 48-52 without scoring. That’s a full four minutes and twenty five seconds without a single point. Should I attribute that to Wisconsin’s defense and rebounding or to Minnesota not having the kind of talent that Tubby Smith is used to having?

At the end of the day (or mid-afternoon if you’re me) I gotta think that Minnesota is only going to get tougher to beat every year that Tubby coaches the Gophers. He’s a great coach who’s only hindrance is going to be convincing athletes to move to snowy Minneapolis / St. Paul. In conclusion: Kentucky fans are idiots. Raggin on this guy for having one 10 loss season. How’s Billy Gillespie doing these days? 13-10? Way to run Smith out of town, Minnesota thanks you.

**Tangent** Minnesota has a canidate for best name in the Big Ten. Meet Jamal Abu-Shamala

Jamal Abu-Shamala

I know, I know…He doesn’t look like an Abu-Shamala, which only serves to elevate the awesomeness of his name even higher. (When the UW radio guys were saying his name it sounded almost like Jamal Abushe-yo-mama, which puts him even further over the Badgers Wquinton Smith and Purdue’s E’Twaun Moore and Nemanja Calasan. Also He wins the Unlikeliest Jamal award in Mens Division I Basketball.)

Now I have to go drink Beer and watch Hockey.


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