My Day Off.

So what do you do on your day off?  Do you do work?  Do you run errands?  Do you try to sleep off a hangover? Do you read Deadspin and pretend that you didn’t sleep until noon?  Does it really matter?

I was having a hard time with this whole St Mary’s not allowing a female referee to officiate a high school basketball game.  The part that ate me the most was the unatributed quote on WHY.  “That would be putting a woman in a position of authority over boys, he was told — a scenario that was contrary to beliefs at St. Mary’s Academy.” 

Glad to see that you’re raising a whole new generation of misogynists in Kansas.  Let’s just follow that logic through to the extreme.  The boys mothers?  The boys don’t have to listen to them.  The boys can do whatever they want until their father says something.  A female cop?  They don’t have to listen until an officer with testicles shows up.   That bitch at the 7-11 says its 1.53 for that soda?  Fuck her, she can’t tell me what to do.  You see where this goes?  This logic is poison.  It dictates barefoot and pregnant women who can be abused and whom no one need respect.  If you think this as ridiculous as I do, then I would urge you to call St Mary’s school at  (785) 437-2471 (main switchboard) and ask for the Rector, Vicente Griego.  If he’s not in, I’m sure you can find another staff member in the yearbook section of their website to talk to about this.

I also want to send a big Eat Shit to ESPN.  Like we’re all going to forget about the Berman videos.  I know that YouTube took them down, but other places put em back up.  You can’t send a DMCA notice for me to remove Berman from my brain.  I wish that was a possibility, but unfortunately I’m stuck with years and years of sub-par highlights voiced by a man who wishes he was a wine afficianado.

But that is but a sign of the degradation of American culture.  How can I say this…. If you were going to be a member of Public Enemy would you be Flava Flav or Chuck D?  The problem is that everyone wants to be the hype man, and no one wants to be the revolutionary voice.  It’s just easier to be the guy on Flavor of Love than it is to fight the power.

On a completely unrelated note, how can you blame Deaven George for not wanting anything to do with New Jersey?

I have to go now, halftime of the McDonalds Celebrity Basketball game is almost over.  I need to see Terrell Owens dunk on Tony Potts.

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