I Wanna Talk to Sampson…

Last night, before the Badgers beat the Hoosiers, There was a press conference. But before the press conference there were some phone calls. The first phone calls were made by an unscrupulous coach, named Kelvin Sampson. He is pictured below.


So then, when it came out that Sampson had made bad phone calls, The NCAA got on the phone to Indiana and demanded to talk to Sampson. Pictured below is the NCAA representitive during that fateful phone call…

NCAA rep demanding to speak with Sampson

Long Story Short is that the NCAA determined that Sampson committed 5 major violations and that it was serious business. So what happened after that was revealed to the press? Wisconsin and Indiana played a basketball, that’s what. Really Strange basketball too. Wisconsin only took 5 free throws the entire game? Is that possible? So it was a fight, all the way to the end, and Wisconsin would need a huge night from Jason Bohannon (18 pts, 6-11 from 3pt range.) and Krabbenhoft (10 rebounds) just to be in a position to win the game. What did the Badgers need to win this one on the road? They would need Brian Butch to hit a bank shot from beyond the arc.

Does he have a bag of tricks?

And he did, Badgers win, 68 to 66. Also, Brian Butch looks like Malcom in the Middles Dewey after being exposed to radiation that caused him to grow to 7 feet tall. But that’s just my opinion, I only ask that you look at the photos below and decide yourself.dewey+ radiation = radiated dewey

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