It was my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to…

I rocked hard yesterday. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen a band consisting of two bass guitars, drums and keyboards, but after hearing them last night I can no longer hear much of anything. Also these guys were good too… But enough of you don’t care….

Things to do today: (1) Write some things about something. (2) Find new pictures to upload so that removed pictures don’t show up like this [ura dumass] (3) Listen to the Badger game because ESPN won’t air it (meanwhile ESPN2 is airing Drag Racing and Bull Riding), and neither will FSN (in favor of the Bucks vs Knicks crapfest)

Attention!! Pau Gasol is Good at Basketball!!

Did you know? Is this new information to you? Did anyone tell the Grizzlies this? Well, the Lakers had it figured out. Gasol is LA’s newer, whiter version of Shaq and since Shaq is now Phoenix’s older slower version of Charles Barkley I’m not sure what any of this actually means. Pau dropped 30 points on the Magic last night, and I can’t help but wonder, “Did his parents mean to name him Paul, but then just forgot to write the ‘l’ down on his birth certificate?” But enough of this nonsense…


Rogers’ Personal Trainer Gave it to Debbie in Da Butt!!!

HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!! How funny would it be if it turned out there was nothing in the syringes but saline and this whole thing was the result of some strange fetish involving other people giving you injections in your ass? I would laugh if that came out. I laughed when I saw this headline…athough I thought ESPN could have sensationalized it a little more. This is a lot like a 1,000 car backup on the interstate. This story is the jack-knifed semi that flips over, causing everyone involved to say nasty things before eventually running out of gas and catching a ride somewhere else with a snowmobiler, thus finally agreeing to listen to one’s wife when she says “we shouldn’t be driving in this blizzard!”


No Butt-Rape for This Drug Dealer!!

Are you serious? Only 5 years probation for Kurt Radomski? Here’s the best part of the story…”Federal investigators believe the checks, totaling more than $30,000, were for the purchase of performance-enhancing drugs.” Alright, so how much was the fine that he had to pay? “Radomski was slapped with a fine of $18,575…” WHAT?? He got to keep $11,000? That’s fucking crazy. I wonder what this would have turned out like if Radomski was black….

But despite my rant, I’ll say it again….I DON’T CARE IF ATHLETES TOOK STEROIDS!


Kevin Gullikson will finally be 21 on Feb. 26!!!

I think that it might be funny to throw him a birthday party. With lots of beer. Because soon he’ll be legal, but likely unable to drink due to his participation in an alcohol treatment program. Although he was involved in that since his 2nd citation and he’s now on his third, so… I guess I’m just waiting to see if Kevin can manage a 4th offence before the 26th. 15 more days to go. Also Joe Krabbenhoft will be 21 on March 24. We (and by we, I mean me.) should actually throw him a party, because something tells me Joe would be a fun drunk.


Brewers’ Pay $2.6 million for Bush!!

I know, I know, a cheap prostitution joke made at the expense of a man unfortunate enough to ahre our President’s last name If I were Dave Bush I would spell it B-U-S-C-H and then tell people I was an hier to the beer fortune. I would do that because sometimes I feel compelled to lie. But Dave got his $$$$ and now the only guy left to work a deal out for is JJ Hardy. Good news for the Brewers who appear to have the deepest selection of starting pitchers in the NL Central. With Bush, Vargas, Parra, Villanuevo and Capuano vying for the last two spots in the starting rotation it appears that long relief won’t be a problem for the Crew this year.


Curt Schilling’s arm is Made of Spaghetti!!!

Or maybe it’s linguine. I don’t know and neither do the doctors. At least now I know that Curt is only in it for the money. If your shoulder was shredded would you want to fix it and maybe risk losing your contract or just hope your arm won’t fall off on the diamond for 8 million dollars? Personally I don’t see the value of 8 million dollars if your right arm won’t work anymore. Ask Bob Dole what its like. Why not pull a Keith Foulke? Because of the money? Who are you, Roger Clemens? I’m putting the over/under on the number of days Schilling will spend on the DL at 66.


Orioles Trade Bedard, Cement Status as Horseshit Town!!

The Orioles are obviously not worried about competing against the Nationals for fans. Apparently they also aren’t worried about competing in this coming season. Peter Angelos is officially the real-life version of Rachel Phelps in Major League. This trade fits right in with the Oriole team concept…

Peter Angelos

Rachel Phelps





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