Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, but sometimes Snow

Will keep the deliveryman from his appointed round. Or at least taking any more orders for appointed rounds. I have one thing to say about this epic fucking blizzard in Madison: Fuck this shit, I’m movin’ to Florida.
Here’s something that’s worth a thousand words. For the Madisonians, this is at the corner of Gorham and Ingersoll. The bus pictured had been lodged there since around 3 in the afternoon, and this picture was taken around 6:30…
bus in the snow
So what happened while all this was going on? Well, the Badgers beat Iowa to go to 19-3 and will have a chance Saturday to beat Purdue and take unquestionable control of first place in the Big 10. I don’t know if the game is going to be televised or not. I would almost it was not televised than on the Big Ten network.  That way PBS will play the game after midnight.
Here is another picture I took of stuck buses. These two are right next to Camp Randall on Old University.  They were stuck from about 4 until after 8:30 when I went home from work…
2 buses stuck in snow
Also Shaq got traded for Marion and Banks (personal aside – 1.  Marcus Banks is to NBA Live 06 what Vlade Divac was to NBA Jam TE.  The hidden gem that is highly exploitable.  As long as you played without fatigue Marcus Banks is capable of almost averaging a quadruple-double)   The Suns could be effed in the ay on this one, because even if Shaq is at his magical 1,000% mark he’s still a 36 year old in a system that is designed for younger guys (ed note: Steve Nash doesn’t count because we all know he’s Canadian and they age slower on account of harsh winters slowing their metabolism.  I mean Vince Carter only had to spend a few years in Toronto to become a petulant 4 year-old brat)

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