1,000 words plus a Super Bowl Pick

I swore off talking about the Super Bowl. I even went so far as to volunteer to work during the game. (although the fact that Super Bowl Sunday is perhaps the busiest day of any delivery drivers year may have also been a factor in that decision) Today I will write no more than two sentences concerning the Big Game, but first….

The Hall of Fame class of 2008
    A few weeks ago I put together my Hall of Fame Ballot that counted for absolutely nothing. I would have voted in a full class of 7 men. It seemed to be a fantastic group of finalists and no matter which way I dissected them it seemed that more than 7 in that group of 15 deserved induction. I would have sent Fred Dean, Emmitt Thomas, Bob Kuechenberg , Derrick Thomas, Chris Carter, Richard Dent, and Art Fucking Monk. Apparently I know nothing about almost everything as the voting committee is sending only 3 of the guys I thought should be in to the hall, along with Darrell Green, Andre Tippett, and Gary Zimmerman.
    Now I have no problem with Darrell Green being inducted. The man played for an incredibly long time at the highest level, I just thought that he could wait until next year to be inducted. How many HOF classes have included two cornerbacks?
    I also have no problem with the inclusion of Gary Zimmerman. I would have voted for Kuechenberg or Randall McDaniel before him, but all 3 were no doubt the best at their positions when they played. My question would be, What factors beyond personal prejudice could possibly put one of those canidates ahead of another? There aren’t a plethora of stats by which to judge their performance, so what makes one more hall worthy than the others? Nothing but the personal opinion of a handful of old dudes.
    Which brings my to Andre Tippett. Never has one man been so dwarfed by others in consideration, yet been inducted. Maybe its happened and I just don’t know it. In fact it probably has happened. Allow me to elaborate….
                            Pro Bowls     All Pro Years     Sacks     INTs
Andre Tippett         5                     5                     100         1
Derrick Thomas     9                     8                     126.5       1
Randy Gradishar   7                      8   (not an official stat 20
                                                          for vast majority of his career)
    I think that its pretty obvious that Tippett is the third best linebacker in the class of finalists, but is the only one inducted, and that my friends is some bullshit.
The Bucks still suck, but they haven’t made any bad trades…
…yet. I don’t suppose its too late to make a trade reminiscent of the Ray Allen to Seattle deal. It’s a possibility that could become all too real. I’m almost hoping that Milwaukee slips and falls into another lottery pick, because if they rally from this funk and threaten to make the playoffs (not fucking likely I know) I could see some kind of stupid, shortsighted trade happening. It must be good to be a Raptors fan, huh T?
    Speaking as I was of stupid trades…Gasol to the Lakers? Nice job Memphis. Way to tank this season in the hopes that those draft picks will pan out. And hey! you only have to pay Kwame Brown for this worthless season, so maybe there is some upside. How did the Lakers pull this one off? They look pretty good with Bryant and Fischer in the backcourt and Bynum, Odom and Gasol in the frontcourt. Of course Gasol could suffer a rash of injuries and Kwame Brown could start putting up 30 ppg, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
    Also, big thumbs up go to Shaquille O’neal as he proves my decision to draft him in the 7th and 9th rounds of my fantasy basketball draft a complete and utter miscalculation. Besides averaging 11 points below his career average and 4 rpg fewer this season, he’s also decided not to play until he is at “1,000%” Wow. I’m waiting with bated breath. I bet the Heat are so happy to be paying him $20 million this season. At least on my teams he sucks for free. Also, I’d like to know how come Isiah should be fired (and he should be fired) but I haven’t heard a word about Pat Riley (who probably should be fired as well.) 9-36? Are you kidding me?
Take Me Out To The Ballgame…
Seriously. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, because I’m going to have the munchies. I know that I, like every Brewers fan, am wondering, whatever happened to Corey Koskie. Now you know.
    But there are other things going on in baseball besides the rehabilitation of a former third baseman. Apparently some players have been abusing something called stairoids. All this drug abuse has gotten the United States Congress so worked up that they’ve completely forgotten about the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, the looming spector of an ever growing deficit, enacting the 9/11 committee recommendations on how to avoid having this happen ever again, preventing executive abuse of Constitutional guarantees, and preventing the sexual abuse of young men by House members… Where was I? Oh. yeah. Congress decided that none of those aforementioned issues were more important than talking to Chuck Knoblauch for almost 2 hours about baseball. Jesus Christ. Just go to Yankees fantasy camp if it means that much to you. Don’t waste my tax money to ‘get to the bottom’ of whether a whole lot of players got injected in the butt. Why don’t you ‘get to the bottom’ of whether AT&T gave the government my phone records without a warrant, or ‘get to the bottom’ of why its apparently OK for the President to lie about WMD??!? I guess I said just about everything I can say a while ago, but this story isn’t being allowed to die. This is like a scab that just keeps being picked at and picked at. It would have healed just fine, but now its going to leave an ugly scar.
The Two Sentences about the Super Bowl
    The Big Game will be a blowout, ala SB XXIV (SF 55 – DEN 10) with New England embarrassing New York much to the delight of Pats fans and Massholes worldwide. The DVOA no doubt favors NE, so both the DVOA and I will finish will identical(-ly dismal) postseason records.
The biggest lie that We’ll see in 2008

The judge also asked Jones to speak to the court, and the cornerback said he has learned a lot about dealing with others and how to conduct himself.

“It won’t happen again,” he said

Although it is an election year…


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