UW vs IU: Throwdown in Madtown (1st half)

8:00 – A few minutes to tipoff, I’m set, laptop is charged, TV is on the correct channel, drinks and food are in place, and the #11 Hoosiers and the #13 Badgers are about to tip off. Fantastic.

8:03 – It’s Spirit Week!! Which can mean only one thing. The Musberger. Talking about the” meat part of the hand.”

8:07 – Indiana wins the tip, gets a quick 2. Badgers get it back, 2-2.

8:08 – Badgers get a stop, then Indiana gets a stop. 3 consecutive misses now…Make it UW 4 – IU 2.

8:09 – Badgers get another stop. They’re playing good D and getting to the hoop. Marcus Landry just made an aggressive move, 3 point play opportunity. Badgers now up by 5 with 17:15 left in 1st half.

8:11 – Michael Flowers has a breakaway layup blocked, Indian gets two on the turnover. Traveling on Indiana, and cut to commercial. Nice effort by Wisconsin, although if Flowers had hustled harder or gone for the dunk the UW lead would be larger. Indiana is really going to have to hustle for 40 minutes tonight.

8:13 – Another missed layup by WI, and a nice J by IU makes it 7-6. Trevon Hughes hits a 3, 10-6 UW. Indiana is trying to get dribble penetration, then throws up a bad 3. Krabbenhoft follows on the break and gets two on a putback. Make it a 6 point lead for the Badgers.

8:14 – 14 minutes left in the first half. Indiana gets called for an offensive foul. The Hoosiers are looking frustrated. Some substitutions, and UW works the swing offense. A bad jumper but Stiemsma gets a putback with the shot clock expiring. IU misses another bunny. And another one. 14 – 6 Badgers with 12 minutes left now.

8:21 – ESPN keeps cutting to commercial before the Musberger is done talking. This time they cut him off as he was about to tell us how long IU’s scoring drought was. I know that ESPN wants to run promos for Student Spirit Week, but I would like to here what Brent has to say.

8:23 – Steal by Wisconsin. Bohannon lays in in, Badgers by 10, and I finally find out that it is a 6 minute scoring drought. DJ White will now attempt to end it with a couple free throws. Brian Butch comes in after White hits the 1st. He hits the 2nd. 8 point game with 11 minutes left in the half. 6 point game on a break putback for IU. Badgers better get out of cruise control.

8:26 – Butch can’t get a call tonight. (like a fatty on prom night)

8:28 – There seems to be no reward for playing good D tonight. 18-12 Wisconsin.erin andrews

8:29 – 8:18 left in the 1st. The Mus tells me that IU has more turnovers than field goals. Butch just hit a 3. 21 -12 UW, and IU turns it over on the inbounds pass.

8:33 – Erin Andrews…Would you hit it?

8:34 – Marcus Landry in Horace Grants Rec Specs contests the dump down pass, Ball goes out to WI. Now Trevon Hughes will shoot from the stripe. Hits them.

8:36 – IU has 12 points with 6 minutes left. No one can hit anything. There hasn’t been a made FG for a few minutes now. Cancel that, nice ball movement by UW to beat that 2-3 zone. 25 -12 UW, and IU will shoot some free throws.

8:40 – DJ White dunks on a putback. Then UW throws it away on an inside pass. IU cant hit a jump shot tonight. 3:26 left in the 1st, IU 15 – WI 25

8:43 – IU gets a three, now WI and IU decide to pick the tempo up, but don’t make any shots. 2:15 left and Wisconsin is shooting bonus fts. 27 -18 Wisconsin. UW gets another rebound, and now another non-shooting foul will get UW free throws. An awkward runner gets IU’s Gordon 2. Less than a minute now, and someone is going to have to pick up all these bricks at halftime. DJ White picks up his 3rd foul. 4 second difference in game and shot clock. Flowers puts back a Bohannon 3, and Wisconsin goes into the locker room up 30 -20.

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