UW vs IU: Throwdown in Madtown (2nd half)

8:54 – 2nd half will start with Wisconsin up 10. Here is a picture of DJ White….

DJ White

9:02 – Halftime desk-guy said something about an all-activator team. It put a much different picture in my head then he intended.

9:09 – Jamarcus Ellis picks up his third foul before I can even write a sentence. The brick laying continues. Ball movement gets Butch an easy 2. UW up by 11 after IU hits a 2 in response. BUTCH has the shooters touch, 3-ball goes.

9:11 – DJ White gets a bukkit, but Marcus Landry gets a 2 on the other end, UW up by 14.

9:12 – Badgers create another turnover, 16 minutes left in the second half. THAT WAS PRETTY!!! Offensive rebound, behind the back pass, and a backdoor reverse layup. Timeout Indiana?

9:15 – I wonder if the people who called the new Rambo the “best Rambo ever” have seen First Blood. I sincerely doubt that Rambo will be any better than Rocky Balboa.

9:16 Wisconsin is up by 16. Indiana looks ill. Not the “Beastie Boys” ill. They look “Flu-like symptoms” ill. DJ White will shoot some free throws on the backside of this commercial break.

9:18 -(side note, Earl Boykins will be with Charlotte for the rest of the year. Score one for the little people.) After the free throws, WI gets the two back on a Flowers layup. Indiana is having a hard time defending man to man, Also IU is having trouble from beyond the arc.

9:22 – Wisconsin stretches the lead to 18 with 14:23 left in the game. IU is shooting 31% and is 1-11 from 3. WI gets another rebound. That’s the graphic I want to see. Steimsma plays tough inside, but then loses the rebound out of bounds. Blocks it on the other end, and then puts it back after a miss, draws the foul, 3 point play opportunity. Musberger is now calling Greg the “Iceman”. UW now up by 20.

9:27 – Gordon hits a couple free ones to make it an 18 point game. Now he hits a 3 in transition to make it a 15 point game. Wisconsin turns it over on a non-call. Theres a timeout. Could be trouble.

9:30 – Probably not, IU lays another brick. Send these guys to rebuild New Orleans. 11 minutes left in the game now.

9:33 – No charge? 13 point game as Gordon gets 2. Hes score the last 7 Indiana points, make it 10 points as he hits a 3.

9:35 – 12 point game now as Landry puts back the rebound. Some one knocked the Horace Grants goggles off his face, no foul call. IU answers back with 8:30 to play. The refs are officially done calling fouls on Indiana.

9:38 – 7 point WI lead. Foul call on IU’s #2, who is a fatty. Fat fucking fatty. I bet they call him all kinds of names, like thunder thighs, or blubber butt, or camel toe.

9:41 – Marcus Landry with a double double. #2 gets another foul. Fatty was distracted by someone eating a sausage in the front row.

9:43 – DJ White gets 2 more, 5 point lead for the Badgers. WI gets an offensive rebound, and DJ White picks up another foul. One and One for Bohannon, who hits the first. And the 2nd. 43-50 UW.

9:45 – IU is playing completly out of control, all elbows. It’s like they’ve decided they need to make this a full contact game.

9:48 – Krabbenhoft misses the front end of a 1 and 1. Still a 7 point game as IU bricks another 3. Landry sinks a free one, and makes it a 8 point game. 4:20 left, and IU makes it a 6 point game.

9:50 – Krabbenhoft makes a tap in 2, then steals the rebound on the other end.

9:52 – I just realized that I forgot the initial publishing, and so have been saving, but not posting the entire second half. I fail at it.

9:54 – Krabbenhoft just grabbed an offensive board, giving him 10 on the day. Trevon Hughes will shoot 2.

9:55 – UW 55, IU 45 2:33 left. DJ White will shoot another after making the front end. Make it 55 -47, No check that. Landry makes a dunk to stretch the lead back to 10. I am impressed. 2:15 left in the game.

9:58 – IU misses another 3. they must be about 2 for 16. Krabbenhoft has 5 pts 11 rbs, and 5 asts. Erin Andrews has a good story from Krabbenhoft’s mom.

10:01 – The Badgers have stretched the lead to 12, and time is running out for Indiana. 1:21 left in the game

10:02 – ANOTHER missed 3 point shot for Indiana, but they get the put-back dunk and cut the lead to 10 with a minute left. Timeout Indiana, and now they foul.

10:04 – Trevon Hughes hits both FTs, makes it 61-49. IU could end up with less than 50 points. Great replay of Krabbenhoft bouncing a ball off an Indian noggin. Fantastic. Krabbenhoft hits one of two, then grabs another rebound, and Indiana is done fouling, the final will be…..Who the fuck called Timeout with 8 seconds left? 62-49 Wisconsin over Indiana is your final.

10:09 – Key stats in this one: Indiana was 3-21 from 3, committed twice the turnovers that UW did, and attempted fewer free throws (12) than Wisconsin made (19). Gameball? Try plural. One each to Marcus Landry(14 points, 11 rebounds) and Joe Krabbenhoft(6 points, 12 rebounds[6 of them on the offensive glass]).


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