I’m Pretending this Never Happened

Here’s my side of every conversation about the Packers\Giants game

“The game last Sunday?  Which one?  No, no, the Packers didn’t play….  No dude, that was Madden simulation….Yeah, the Commish just decided to give the Lombardi trophy to New England, you didn’t hear?”

And when people really keep pushing it I have to threaten to break their face to get them to shut up.  What business does a Bear’s (or Bronco’s or even Vikings) fan have hassling me about the Packers? Make the playoffs, and then we’ll talk.  Until then I’m dealing with this in the positive way I can think of:  Denial.

nevar happened

OK fine.  The Packers got beat for serious on Sunday, and I’m going to treat it like my family treats my cousin’s abortions.  I’m just going to pretend it didn’t happen, and never speak of it again.  Fellatio Indeed, Earlier….

Heath Ledger died, and somehow the passing of the star of A Knight’s Tale is more important to CNN then this is.

Maybe tommorrow, or later this week, I’ll have the second half of this done for you (After all the Badgers squeaked by Michigan tonight), and if the Dolphins hire more people perhaps another episode of The Sparano’s.  I really am having a hard time thinking about football right now, The self-imposed sports news blackout will continue through the Super Bowl.


2 Responses to I’m Pretending this Never Happened

  1. Elvi Patterson! says:

    Sir, may I suggest what we are doing to alleviate this pain of the Packers losing to a mediocre NY Giant team. WATCH THE PUPPY BOWL ON ANIMAL PLANET!

  2. brooklyn bum says:

    Go Big Blue!

    Sorry T, just had to rub it in.

    Brooklyn Bum

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