Shannon Sharpe Made a Salient Point?

shannon's absI know, the world is coming to an end, pigs are growing wings as we speak, and Satan just ordered a North Face jacket online.  But its true, Shannon made an argument that was rational and convincing.  Since I know that you didn’t hear it, I’ll relay it as best I can.

Let me first set up the scenario for you.  Indianapolis is down 28-24, theres about 2:10 left in the game.  Indy throws incomplete from the San Diego 7 yard line, bringing up 4th and 7.  They go for it, and fail.  I know you saw that on Sunday, so to brief, Indy forces a Charger punt, gets the ball back and then goes 4 and out as they were pressing to score a touchdown.

Shannon’s argument is this: Indy going for it on the first 4th down was saying, “We trust our defense to get a stop.”  Now if you trust your defense to get a stop, why not kick the field goal, make it a one point game, and kick off?  You’re trusting your D to get the stop, and with 3 timeouts you could expect to get the ball back with about 1:30 left on the clock (which happened anyway).  This way, you only need to get a field goal to win the sucker, and your offense doesn’t have to press because you can subtract 30 or so yards from the distance you need to drive to get the winning score.  I was stunned, unable to disagree.

Let that sink in.  Shannon Sharpe just made sense.  Start digging the fallout shelter now…


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