Sunday Surprises

I guess I can’t make any Norv Turner jokes for a while. I had some good ones too. But I can make Tony Romo jokes, its too bad I didn’t bother to think of any. Its always strange when the opposite of what you thought would happen happens, but today it was surprising in a good way. Partially. I honestly thought the Colts would have the best shot of knocking off the Pats, having done it last year. Right now I’d say there’s about a 98% chance that the Patriots make the Super Bowl. On the pleasantly surprising front, the Packers will be hosting the NFC Championship next Sunday, which can mean only one thing…

Tailgating. Lots and lots of tailgating. Possibly two, maybe even three days of brats, and beer, and chips, and maybe even football shaped cookies. How could it get any better? Wait, I got it, a Tony Romo joke:


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