So, if you’ve no place to go…..

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. And it did. All day. And it was good, but not right away. Seahawks fans (and Packers haters everywhere) where jumping with joy, while most of Wisconsin was cursing. I was having a flashback to the first Packers/Bears game, and mayryan grant not fumbling or may not have broken some things around my house. Ryan Grant was an butterfingered ass, but then I took a deep breath, and so did Grant, and then the ass kicking commenced. Favre kept completing passes, and after a while, McCarthy called #25 again, and by the end of the 1st quarter I was grinning.

Here’s the actual exchange of txt msgs between my brothers and me, from the 1st half…

Me after 1st fumble – BULLSHIT

Me after 2nd fumble – WTF?

Me After the score is tied – I feel better now.

Them – that was a damn nasty hurdle.

Me after the underhanded pass-deal – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Them – Wow.

Things I was impressed with…

Atari motherfuckin' BigbyAtari Bigby – I have gone from hating this gap-tooth motherfucker to considering introducing him to my cousin over the past 4 weeks. Today, he was laying the wood, and by the end of the game he had me sold. A forced fumble and 3 or 4 of the biggest hits I’d seen in a month. Are you kidding me? I thought he was going to break someone’s neck.

run defense

The Packers Run-Defense – I was chuckling during halftime. FOX was running their ticker, and after Ryan Grant the rushing one read … Brandon Jackson – 6 yds – 1 car … Shaun Alexander – 6 yds – 6 car … I saw Ryan Pickett shoving his way through the O-line, and even though I knew that Seattle wasn’t good at running the ball, I was still happy to see them held to 28 rushing yards.

Sure handed Packer receivers – Favre doesn’t go 18 – 23 if his receivers can’t hold on to the ball. Driver, Jennings, Jones, Lee, Franks, Jackson….all of ’em made clutch catches, and even though it wasn’t the longest catch, and it didn’t go for a score, I was most impressed with Bubba stretching to pick up that first down. James Jones springing free for 30 in the first half was also impressive, but not as impressive as Jennings 2 touchdown catches…gregĀ jennings

And Finally – Ryan Grant – busts off 200+ yards and 3 TDs after that atrocious start. Nuff Said.

Patriots – Jaguars

Yeah, umm, the CBS pregame put me right to sleep, and I woke up with about 2:40 left, and then saw the Patriots ice the game. Not really surprised by this one. Afterwards I flipped the channel to ESPN in time to hear this gem –

“Tom Brady – magnificent!” – Mark Schlereth

One Response to So, if you’ve no place to go…..

  1. OMAR says:

    Atari is great in run support, but mostly terrible in pass coverage.

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