Know your UW Badgers:The White Guys Edition

While watching last nights Wisconsin-Illinois game, it occurred to me that I had no idea exactly how many players of non-color were on the Wisconsin roster. It doesn’t really upset me, I just think its kind of humorous that without names on the back of their jerseys it becomes very difficult for anyone unfamiliar with the Badgers to figure out who’s who. Also, 4 of those white dudes stand at or above 6-10, and three more stand at or above 6-7. You can’t coach height, you can only hope that you can coach a jump shot to tall guys. So here it is, without further ado, the definitive pictorial guide to all 10 of Wisconsin’s white guys….

Jason Bohannon – Former Iowa ‘Mr. Basketball’, currently a sophomore. Expectations are big for Bohannon, who plays SG. He averages 7 points in 23 minutes. This season hes shooting .380 from beyond the arc. He is pictured below.

jason bohannon

Greg Stiemsma – One of three 6-11 interior player, this senior is getting only 12 minutes per game, and is averaging 1.3 blocks. Wearing number 34, he’s pictured below ganging up on some short guy from Illinois.


Brian Butch – One of Wisconsin’s tall white men, he is a Wisconsin native, a McDonald’s High School All American, and one of the baddest motherfuckers this side of the Yahara. Averaging 14 ppg this season, he has the tendency to loft up bad 3’s. Oh, and he can dunk. That doesn’t mean he can jump, he’s just stands 6-11. Here he is pictured below…

Brian Butch

Kevin Gullikson – Kevin is a good guy who has bad luck. Last week he got his 3rd underage drinking ticket, and his future on the team is uncertain. He is however, a favorite at house parties, and averages a double-double in keg stands and shots, which puts him at third place in UW Athletics History behind Brent Moss and Booker Stanley. He is pictured below…

Kevin Gullickson


Joe Krabbenhoft – The pride of South Dakota, Joe Krabbenhoft is playing 30 minutes a game for the red & white, getting 7.5 ppg, and is playing tough defense. It’s just how he rolls. He wears #45, and when he fouls you…You stay fouled, bitch.

shoulder rub

also this is a good picture of Krabbenhoft…


Jon Leuer – Freshman PF who stands 6-10. He hails from Long Lake Minnesota and people in Madison have high hopes for this kid. Lets see if you can tell him apart from the rest of these guys, because, well, you know….white people kind of all look alike, right?

Jon Leuer

Tanner Bronson – Senior point guard, Wisconsin native. One of the Badgers more obscure white guys, you won’t see him play too many minutes, but he wears #14, and uh…well here’s his picture.

Tanner Bronson


Tim Jarmusz – Not much is known about this Freshman from Oshkosh, but he wears number 24, stands 6-6, and has played 18 minutes this season. Here is a picture of him from high school…

Tim Jarmusz

Keaton Nankivil – Also a freshman, but he hasn’t played much, (34 minutes in 9 games.) He stands 6-8 and much like Tim Jarmusz, also has Fox Valley Skillz.

Keaton Nankivil

J.P. Gavinski – Yet another 6-11 interior player, this freshman only gets about 3 minutes a game. A Wisconsin Dells Native, here is his picture so that on the off chance you see him on the court, you and only you will know who he is…



So that’s it. I hope you find this guide a helpful tool for identifying exactly who is on the court. Perhaps next week I’ll give you the much shorter:

Know Your Wisconsin Badgers: The Black Guys Edition.



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