I think I need to vent…

I don’t know how to start, dwayne wadereally. Have you ever hated everyone you worked with? Maybe that’s a bit much, I hate most of the people I work with, I find them to be lazy, ugly, and stupid. I believe this is also how Dwayne Wade feels too. How would you feel after winning an NBA Championship your entire situation turn to shit in 2 years? Shaq is turning into a fat turd, most of his teammates are stupid and hot headed, and Pat Riley looks like an anorexic, 65 year old De Niro. The only thing that is any kind of positive in Miami is that they’re all living in Miami, home of all those South Beach nightclubs, Horatio Caine and Gloria Estefan. My problem is that I live about as far away from Miami as one can without being a Canadian citizen. Which puts me and Mo Williams in the same boat. After his performance in last nights game against the Heat I must sincerely apologize for questioning his manhood. Mo’s having a good January, now averaging 22 ppg. I am just struggling with the idea that the Bucks look fantastic on paper, but are 14-20 in reality. I’m almost glad that FSN is showing more Wild games than Bucks games. As bad as things are for fans of Miami sports, just remember that Milwaukee hasn’t had championship caliber teams since the days of Hank Aaron and Lew Alcindor. Forgive me my vitriol….
But I still have more to say. Namely, good job San Francisco for signing Mike Martz. Also, on the same topic, bad job to Detroit for firing Mike. I know, youse guys wanted to run the ball more, but did it ever occur to you that Kevin Jones is mediocre at best? Do you really want to give HIM 25+ touches a game? I didn’t think so. Frank Gore may not get 25+ carries a game, but he’ll probably get 25+ touches. Also, since I’m now thinking NFL, parcellsBAD MIAMI, BAD BAD BAD. and to ESPN: Why are you so happy to see the Tuna running the Dolphins? I give it two years before he gets bored and bails, just like he did in Dallas. Here’s a bet I wish I could make: Parcells either (a) Retires before his contract with Miami is up OR (b) Has a Massive Heart Attack before his contract expires. Is there going to be a palpable difference between this experiment and Washington’s dalliance with Joe Gibbs? I think no. And might I add, how Fucked is Atlanta? I guess that I would feel bad for Arthur Blank, but since he made his fortune with Home Depot, I really can’t. How can you feel bad for a guy who’s a part of all of this…..Is it ironic that his business doesn’t employ union labor, but his football team does? Oh, and by the way, why on earth would Pete Carroll want to coach your team? He’s a kingpin on the west-coast, and he doesn’t have to live in Georgia. However, in an alternate universe somewhere, Pete Carroll takes the job, Reggie Bush taking $$$ costs USC scholarships and Rick Neuheisel is creaming in his pants. But this is the real world, where colleges make stupid decisions about coaches, and schedules, and coaches make stupid decisions about jobs and recruits, and Recruits make stupid decisions about education and entertainment. Maybe it’s just because the Badgers lost their bowl game, but I hate all things college football right now, and probably will until spring practices. Or Spring Training, which I’m also not to high on, being a Brewers fan. Thanks to Doug Melvin for giving Gag-me $10 million. You only had to wait a week to learn that he had his success when he was a juicer and hasn’t done crap since. And Jason Kendall? $11.5 million for a guy who’s only marginally better than Johnny Estrada? You know that I can blow 4 run leads and strike out for a fraction of what you’re now paying these douchebags, right? At least the writer’s strike should be done by the time the baseball season starts, because I am really going to need something to change the channel to,badger bench otherwise I WILL break my TV when Gagne blows game after game, until he and his 10 mil salary get designated for assignment. About the only thing I’m looking forward to this spring is March Madness. Can I pose a question? Of course I can, because this is my blog…Does Wisconsin have the biggest collection of goofy looking white guys in Division I?  As bad as the Bucks may be, and as upset as I am with the Brewers offseason, I can still look forward to the Packers in the playoffs, perhaps another year of Favre and an NCAA tourney appearance by my hometown team.

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