Downswing, and beginning of recovery…

Here’s a tip: Don’t write a brag post about how your game is kicking ass and you feel you are playing great. You get rewarded with a 7-buy in $2000 downswing. Fortunately I’m up about 1k the last two days, so hopefully the downswing is over (EDIT: Won another grand in the night session so we can call the downswing dead). Anyway I comment on a lot of hands so I thought it only fair if I post a fair number of my own hands from my downswing and subsequent recovery for others to see. Comments are always appreciated.

Note: the site I play at does no make hand histories and this hand history is flawed, shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Hand 1:

Villian is 33/2/2.55 in this hand. I think I played this pretty textbook but would welcome dissent. I think his call is -EV and my range is crushing him. I’m 45/55 on the flop and 43/57 on the turn.

Hand 2:

Brutal hand (the joys of running bad). My turn play could be criticized but I think you need to mix in plays like that so you don’t get stolen from if you check the turn after a continuation bet.

Hand 3:

Running bad… Opponent was tilting so it was a pretty easy call, don’t think he’s tilting anymore.

Hand 4:

On a good day I might be able to get away from this earlier.

Hand 5:

Do I miss value here on river? Was not happy to see that king.

Hand 6:

This is iffy, got to be a pretty expensive call down, may just want to let it go next time.

Hand 7:

Flat call pre-flop is because I’ve been card dead and had not re-raised at all on this table and I wanted to trap juslearning because he had been getting pretty aggressive. This is pretty much the definition of running good but it does take some skill to get the whole stack.

Hand 8:

Remember hand 3? This is what put him on tilt.

Good enough. Overall I’ve had fun and I’m up quite a few buy-ins for the new year.

Good luck at the tables,


One Response to Downswing, and beginning of recovery…

  1. brooklyn bum says:

    Hi T. Nice comeback. I think you played all these hands pretty well. On hand # 1, the other guy played the hand poorly. The only thing that beats you is a boat. It’s never easy in poker even when you flop a monster, the board always seems to pair up and messing up the master plan. I was surprised he called down with 99. I would’ve definitely put you on a set at least after the flop.

    No problem with hand # 2. I would’ve pushed that hand. Top pair with a nut flush draw and a gutshot straight…that’s way too many outs not to play that aggressively. The problem is hitting…lol.

    Nice hand on # 7.

    Hand # 5. Who knows. He could’ve made his flush there or a better two pair or even a straight is possible. Question is would you have folded on a large river bet by the villian?

    Hand # 6 nice call. Maybe it was gut instinct that lead to the call? I might not have called there but then you had a better handle at the table so only you know for sure.

    Hand # 2 guys get lucky and then later on you take his money…lol.

    great post. keep em coming!

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