Watch The Wire

The Wire has been the best show on television the last 5 years. The wire is now having it’s final season. The wire has never won a fucking emmy because Americans are too dumb to understand things like plot, character development, motives and the like. Instead Desperate Housewives wins Emmys because people have the IQ of house pets. This is the equivalent of Pauly Shore winning a fucking Oscar for Bio-dome.  So what makes the wire so fucking good?

This show is not here to entertain you. This show is a fucking mirror of the fucked up society we live in. This show tells the stories the news doesn’t bother reporting because nobody gives a fuck about the poor, the working class, the African-American… It tells the story of a city that can’t help it’s people, of cops unable to make a difference, of school that can’t teach, and it shows how the motives that drive different elements of our society are poorly designed if improving society is the goal. The politicians job is to get re-elected and therefore the public’s perception of problems is the only reality that matters.

Here’s the thing: if you like good writing and interesting characters, if you are interested at why the class divide in America is widening, or if you just like learning about the drug trade watch the fucking wire.  Start at season 1 though and don’t miss an episode, this show is way too complicated to catch up on.


One Response to Watch The Wire

  1. Elvi Patterson! says:

    Omar is the best villain/hero ever.

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