The NFL’s Feeder Fish

The NFL Playoffs. Natural Selection at its most relevant and the Wildcard round is probably the most demonstrative of it. You take 8 teams that have displayed dominance amongst their peers, and then you throw 4 other teams that had been the inferiors, well maybe not inferiors. You take 4 teams that were not the biggest fish in their respective ponds, and add them to the tank that is a home playoff game. Most of the time the big fish eat the little fish. But sometimes the little fish outlast the big fish. The bigger fish can chase them all day and night, but some of those little fish are quick enough, and smart enough to escape, and survive. Those that aren’t quick, or healthy or smart get eaten in cloud of scales.

Jacksonville was one of those quick and healthy feeder fish. Pittsburgh wasn’t healthy, or agile enough to eat the Jags alive, and the wild-card outlasted the predator. It was a strange matchup, because Jacksonville had a better record than the Steelers. The prey was literally more fit than the predator.

That was not the case in Seattle. The Redskins came in wounded and while it took a whole half of football for Washington to show weakness, eventually they could no longer avoid the persistent attack of the Seahawks.  Survival of the fastest, strongest, fittest.

In the struggle for dominance the Giants defied the odds today.  The Buccaneers tried, but ended up smacking their heads into the aquarium glass, again and again.  It seemed as if the Giants kept squirting out of the Buccaneers grasp.

I chalk up Tennessee to being in the “cloud of scales” category, but the game is still going, and I made that mistake once already this weekend.

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