Playoff Football, You Rock Me Like A Hurricane

Its true. Playoff Football Rocks Me Like a Hurricane. It gets me Hot for Teacher. I don’t know if I can Ride the Storm Out while the NFL’s best are Workin’ For The Weekend. But before I give you some Love in an Elavator……

Randy Moss <<< Jerry Rice

“I don’t think me breaking Jerry Rice’s record is special,” Moss said.

Well, Randy, you’re right, but not why you think it’s not special. Its not special for a whole variety of reasons, the least of which being that Jerry Rice caught 22 TDs in 12 games (1.83 per game) while Moss caught 23 in 16 games (1.4375 per game). Factor in that Jerry had another TD rushing, for 23 total and Moss didn’t score MORE TD’s in a season than Jerry, he scored the same amount, and it took 4 more games. So you’re right, You breaking a record the way you did isn’t special Randy, not at all.

Lets compare the two for the first ten years of their careers..

Yards TD’s

Jerry 13,275 131 (+8 rushing TDs for 139 total)

Randy 12,193 124

….Randy Moss is good, but he’s not Jerry Rice.

Wildcard Playoff Picks

So, you know that DVOA has post week 17 numbers, and while there may not be new numbers coming out after the Wildcard round, but I feel comfortable using these numbers at least for this round….

Washington @ Seattle

DVOA –>SEA by 4%

Monkey –> Washington has manned up these last two weeks to get to this game. Seattle on the other hand is……Seattle. I guess. I mean how much do you actually know about the Seahawks? I know they’re good at home, and that Um. Ah. Fuck it, Seattle by 7.


NY Giants @ Tampa Bay

DVOA –> TB by 18.4%

Monkey –> How much do you expect me write about this game? OK fine, I’ll right some stuff… Eli Manning will mess this one up. Buc’s by 3.


Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh

DVOA –>JAC by 6.2%

Monkey –>The Jags are the only road team favored by the DVOA, and frankly, they are without a doubt the strongest looking wildcard this year. I pity Pittsburgh, not only for losing Willy Parker, but also for drawing this matchup. Sorry, Mike Tomlin, you won’t be advancing this year. Jaguars by 4.


Tennessee @ San Diego

DVOA –>SD by 10.1%

Monkey –>LDT could be the MVP of this game, and if he’s not, I give the Chargers no chance. But you know something? When pundits are saying that the presence or absence of a Defensive Tackle is the key to your victory that means that you don’t have a prayer. Chargers by 14.




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