Am I the Only One Who Saw This Coming?


Javon Walker wants a trade. How did Denver not see this coming? I saw it coming. Walker didn’t want to stick around in Green Bay with Brett Favre as his quarterback because he though they may have a down season or two. Well, what do you think Javon is saying right now about Jay Cutler? Here’s a memo to Denver:

To: All Denver Staff

Re: Javon Walker

Javon Walker is a giant tool. He blew up the Green Bay wide reciever corp because he was too good for Brett Favre. Now he wants to help destroy yours because Denver’s not the “right fit.” Thanks for taking him off the Packers hands and giving him a ton of guaranteed monies. Is it still working out after his third knee operation? Maybe if he participated in training camp instead of holding out for that guaranteed monies he would have been in football shape and not hurt himself. Maybe if he had put up or shut up like Favre told him too he’d be on a Super Bowl hopeful right now. He didn’t want to suffer a couple bad seasons in Wisconsin, and instead he had to suffer through two non-playoff seasons with you. Do the right thing, and make him stay. And if Drew Rosenhaus says his client’s sitting, you tell Drew that if Javon don’t play, the Bronco’s don’t pay.

walker jersey
Not Exactly Selling Like Hotcakes in Denver

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