Take a Break, Guy

T-Bone would be pleased, The Ravens fired Brian Billick. Brian BillickPerhaps it was time for the Ravens to part ways with their super bowl winning coach. Perhaps its time for an overhaul of the entire organization. Steve McNair was a bad choice, and Baltimore has been thin on defense, still lack an above-mediocre quarterback. Who will they get in free agency? Who will they draft? And why isn’t Ozzie Newsome being held accountable for his role in the Fall of the House of Bisciotti? Do you also find it funny that the Ravens are now owned by a man who’s last name is an Italian cookie? But enough with the jokes, This needed to be done, and that was apparent about half-way through the 9 game losing streak. Here’s a question to ponder: If Brian Billick had coached the Ravens to a victory over the Patriots does he still get the axe? I would say yes, yes, because of lost Luster. Sorry about the Poe puns. especially that last one…

One Response to Take a Break, Guy

  1. joseffreedom says:

    Thank fucking god. Next up Marvin Lewis.

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