Al Harris: “Someone needs to talk to Emmitt”

emmit smithAl Harris is a funny guy. Funny How? Like Dave Chapelle doing Lil’ Jon funny. Yesterday on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show (on Sirius satellite Radio) Bubba interviewed Packer’s cornerback Al Harris, and Al said that someone needed to “talk to Emmit.” Bubba asked why, and Al’s reply? Because, “He’s Brutalizing the King’s English.” I was laughing so hard I about crashed my car. I was so happy to hear him (Al) loose at this point in the season, not only because he is supremely confident about the Packers play, but also because it comes just as the Dallas Cowboys stumbled. Another Dallas miscue and a couple Packer wins means the rematch would be at Lambeau.

al harris

Also, Bubba and Al lamented the ommision of Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson from the NFC Pro Bowl roster, as well as Nick Barnett being relegated to an alternate. Are those legitimate complaints?

Greg Jennings, The Bonafides

2nd in the NFC with 12 TDs

6th in the NFC with 73.2 YPG

Averaging 17.6 yards per catch

Averaging 7.8 YAC per catch, third to Brian Westbrook and Adrian Peterson for YAC in the NFC (those w/ < 49 catches)

Who made it instead… Larry Fitzgerald, Terrell Owens, Donald Driver, and Tory Holt.

Who else got snubbed… Um, besides Greg? Joey freaking Galloway. Plaxico Burress. Roddy White? Or the Guy with the third most receiving yards in the NFC, Marques Colston… (y’all can check for yourselves)
Charles Woodson, The Bonafides…

Tied w/ 5 others in the NFC with 2 defensive TD’s

Tied for 7th in the NFC w/ 4 INTs

57 tackles, 47 of them solo

Returned a fumble for a TD to beat Washington.

Who made it instead… Al Harris, Marcus Trufant (77 tackles, 7 picks), Terrence Newman (4 picks),

Who else got snubbed… DeAngelo Hall (5 picks), Anthony Henry (5 picks), Roderick Hood (4 picks, 2 TDs), Nate Clements (83 tackles, 3 INTs, 3 FF)

Nick Barnett, The Bonafides…

4th in the NFC with 119 total tackles

3rd in the NFC with 90 solo tackles

3.5 sacks

2 INTs

Who got the starting spots… Lofa Tatupu (101 tackles, 4 picks), Patrick Willis (142 total tackles)

Who else got snubbed… Ernie Sims (122 tackles, 3 FF), London Fletcher (121 tackles, 3 INTs), and like 5 others….

The Conclusion? Who the **** watches the Pro Bowl anyway?

Other trivia from Al’s interview with the Sponge….OJ Simpson has, according to Bubba, terrible body odor, reminiscent of “a goat”…… Al Harris on Walter Payton – “If you heard a man jumped off a building and flew…It could only be Sweetness” ….


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