Ravens Owner is a Huge Tim Tebow Fan…

The Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti told Brian Billick today that he will be back next season, ESPN.com is reporting. Furthermore according to ESPN Bisciotti does not blame Billick for the team’s poor play.  Ummm, lets look at something real quick.

Baltimore Off/ Def NFL Rank yards per game:

2007: 25th/ 25th

2006: 17th/ 1st

2005: 24th/ 5th

2004: 31st/ 6th

2003: 21st/ 3rd

2002: 26th/ 22nd

So it seems the offense kind of sucks and the defense was bad in 2002 and 2007 because of injuries but other than that has been good. But, we have to correct for simple correlation – the better one side of the ball is, the better the other side of the ball has a chance to be. This is very simple logically, if the defense keeps stopping teams the offense gets the ball more, thus more chances to get yards. On the other hand if the offense gets a lot of yards, the defense will be on the field less often thus fewer yards.

So what bugs me about Billick getting another year is this: He is an offensive coach, he does not coach defense. Yet, despite getting an average ranking of 3.75 in defense from 2003-2006 to help the offense, the offense’s average ranking was 23.25. In other words he is fucking terrible. He brings nothing to the table, nothing, i mean nothing, do you fucking understand how much he brings? Nothing.

Furthermore, as anyone who watched the Ravens-Pats game knows, this team has quit on him. They are out of control and get stupid penalties. So why is the owner doing this?

Tim Tebow is a pimp and the owner must be throwing next season to get him. That is the only way this possibly makes sense. So good luck Ravens, the Dolphins and Falcons think you’ve got your work cut out for you if you expect Tebow.




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