Mitchell Report

Just read (most of) the Mitchell Report. A couple of thoughts:

 1. This report was not worth $50 million, not much new information and it really reads more like a couple of news stories on than a well-researched report.

2. They only had a couple of solid leads into the baseball lifestyle, mainly a clubhouse attendant and a trainer linked to that attendant, this was maybe one of fifty primary dealers in baseball IMO. 

3. The drugs were passed-on word of mouth style between players, what this means is he was able to catch 1-2 “chains” of players linked together. I’d guess there were a ton of these chains.

4. Clemens will retire without a doubt and the next 2 weeks will turn from the Mitchell report to a question of what to do with Roger. Now the best hitter and pitcher of our generation are steroid users.

5. I am now more convinced than ever that at least 80% of players were using steroids or HGH. The Mitchell report makes clear there was no pattern as to who uses and who doesn’t.

6. Keep in mind things like he couldn’t get a source for the Oakland dugouts of the mid 90’s which were ripe with drug use, which just means he really wasn’t able to dig very deep. If he couldn’t get new information as to the “heart” of the steroid scandal, it makes clear this report names people but exonerates no one.

More thoughts to come as more information is uncovered.



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