Mitchell: “Are You Sure He Said MO Vaughn?”

mo vaughn

I’m sorry, did you Mo Vaughn was listed in the Mitchell Report? Really? Well I gotta say that I think the Met’s clubhouse guy might have made some of this up. Maybe all these $3,200 checks are MLB players way of saying thanks for the clean jock, or in Mo’s case, for bringing him Pizza with a side of pizza to the dugout, or 4 foot subs to his locker, or swinging by the crib with a bucket full of wings. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. I was under the impression that HGH was supposed to keep you IN shape, and while round is indeed a shape, it’s really not fat albert as mo vaughnthe effect that HGH is supposed to have, is it? I’m not going to believe that Mo Vaughn actually used HGH. Maybe if it was deep fried, or covered in gravy, or cooked slowly in butter over low heat. And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work if you cook it. George Mitchell said that Mo refused an interview about the allegations. Well, George, you should have told him could order all the Chinese he wanted. Mo would’ve been there so fast your head would spin.

One Response to Mitchell: “Are You Sure He Said MO Vaughn?”

  1. Duke says:

    Mo Vaughn is the man, THE MAN, and there is no way he tooks roids or HGH, mitchell is full of crap

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