The Week 14 Hangover


Week 14.  Like a hurricane, it came and went, leaving a wake of broken dreams, shattered lives, and huge piles of debris.  Maybe I’m merely a slave to hyperbole, or maybe I’m a prophet.  Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands.  I’m like a Styx song.  Only marginally cooler.  To get to the point, what I really want to say is that I went 11-5 with my week 14 picks to win.  A second consecutive week of 11 correct picks should leave me feeling satisfied.  Instead I feel hollow inside, like one of those Russian nesting dolls.  It would of been so easy to have gone 13-3, but I stupidly picked the Bears to beat the ‘Skins, and the Cards to beat the Seahawks.  Don’t I hate the Bears??  And didn’t I just write that the Cardinals would be lucky to steal last weeks game against the Seahawks??  So why didn’t I pick them to win.  It was a moment of weakness.  So the question remains, how did the DVOA perform?  Suffice it to say that the Football Outsiders knew what they were doing when they wrote that formula.  DVOA went 14-2, unless I’m too tired to count correctly.  This standings thus far:

DVOA – 105 – 40

Monkey – 95 – 50 (10 Games Back)

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