Search Term of The Day

Today’s search term of the day is:

Brian Billick’s Penis

Now I understand the primary use of the internet is pornography, and I fully understand that in the search of said pornography surfers get knocked off course quite a bit and end up at our fair site. What I don’t understand is why anyone, even Brian Billick’s wife, would have interest in seeing his member.  I mean I have no issue if you are attracted to males or females, blonds or brunettes, Kate Moss to Drew Carey, hey whatever floats your boat. Unless Brian Billick floats your boat, in which case get the fuck off of this site, find a tall building and jump off. What are you attracted too random surfer?

Ummm…. fat, incompatant, balding, egotistical assholes.

Oh really have you heard of Brian Billick?

Yeah, he’s hot do you have a picture of his junk?

No, and if I did I would burn it. So go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under and get the fuck away from me.


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