Is Mo Williams the Buck’s Answer at PG?

The Top Reasons to Answer NO

(1) He shoots under .500

(2) His free throw percentage is under .800

(3) 7 assists per game in 35 minutes a game is unsatisfactory output.

(4) He doesn’t get to the line enough (less than 2 fta per game)

The Top Reasons to Answer YES

(1) He’s only taking 12 shots a game, but is scoring 13 ppg.

(2) Doesn’t commit many fouls (just over 2 a game)

(3) If he can average the 17 ppg he did last year, the Bucks might win some of these close games.

(4) The alternative is Royal Ivey….

* *Completely unqualified and un-informed opinion below* *

The Bottom Line: I’d rather see the Bucks trade for Jason Kidd (package some combination of Charlie V. Charlie B. D-Mason Bobby Simmons and/or Mo. Some of these guys couldn’t be traded for a while yet, but Charlie V + B Simmons + 1st rounder could be attractive enough if Kidd becomes a Starbury size headache in NJ) than suffer through another season when a guy who can distribute the ball effectively is all that separates the Bucks form serious contention. The big men are in place, Redd can catch and shoot with the best, and Desmond Mason can get out on the break. The only gap is at point, and with 5 years left on his contract, Mo Williams can either improve, or be Milwaukee’s (2nd) most expensive backup (Bobby Simmons is #1 at $9 million).

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