Goodbye to the best there ever was

Chip Reese

Yesterday we learned of Chip Reese’s depth and I was deeply saddened by the loss. Many people do not know who he was, but he was in the opinion of most professionals the greatest poker player who ever lived. He was a young man when he came to vegas for the first time and he never left. He played in the highest poker games in the world for thirty years and won the most money.  All of this is secondary though to the fact that he was regarded as a good man, and a great father. 

 In the modern era of self-aggrandizing poker stars the greatest poker player was unknown to the masses and did not seek the limelight.  While Phil Helmuth declared himself the greatest poker player, Chip smiled and felt no need to list his accomplishments.  He was a gentleman at the table and in the interviews I have read and heard with him he came off as an educated, well-spoken and above-all respectful human being. 

 I did not know Chip Reese, but I wish I had, and I wish there were more people who acted with the class he displayed.  The poker world lost a legend today, RIP Chip.



Barry Greenstein on Chip’s Death:

Pokernews bio:

2+2 thread saying goodbye:

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