Good Samaritans, Karma, and Baseball

While at work tonight I had an ‘Oh…Shit.’ moment when I was struggling up Gorham, the road was slick, from the melting ice from Saturday, and the five inches that was falling at the time. I could feel my car slipping down the steep crest on the road, and I was struggling to keep the vehicle away from the snowbank that lined the length of the street. I was failing, caroming off the icy wall of snow twice.

And that’s when it happened. My car was unsteerable, and the wall of of snow was coming to an end at the intersection of Pickney. I thought to myself, ‘Oh. Shit.’ and then there was 4, maybe 5 seconds of watching this happen, helpless, befsnowfilledcarore my four-door ended up on the top of a drift that had been turned into ice. I got out to see my front wheels a good 5 inches off the ground. I was stuck solid.

So I called a towing company, which shall remain nameless. I was told they were very busy, and maybe they could be there tomorrow. So….There I was. Completely F#@$ed. So I called the Police Non-Emergency deal. They said they would send someone out. So I waited, standing in the falling snow beside my car.

And then a beautiful thing happened. A guy, who called himself Nick, pulled up in a 4×4 and asked if I needed help. I told him that this job would require a tow strap. He had one and 20 minutes later he had dislodged my car from it’s perch. He didn’t ask me for anything, he turned down my offer of compensation, and then he left. So thank you Nick, that one was a solid.

I called the cops back, and told them that a good samaritan had helped me out and I was no longer stuck, and could you send someone out to sand the road so that noone else gets in an accident there. They said they were very busy, and it may not get done until tomorrow. 2 hours later, a Hotel Limo-van was stuck in the very same spot. This one required a wrecker and two squad cars. All they had to do was radio a plow, and spread some sand.

So the moral of this is simple. If someone asks for help, help them, and if you think someone needs help, ask.

*Easterbrook-esque completely-unrelated-to-sports segment over*

In news unrelated to my ‘Oh Shit, F#$% me’ night of work, the Florida Marlins have sold their fans down the river, trading away Dontrelle Willis to Detroit as part of an 8 player trade. Click here to read all about how the Marlins major-league payroll will be less than $10 million. Not even the Brewers are that cheap. Maybe the Florida ownership just figures that if they can’t sell tickets when the team wins a couple World Series titles, they might as well sell off all the pieces and move to Salt Lake City. I just can’t figure out why baseball in Florida has flopped worse than Vlade.

Thank God the Brewers aren’t going to trade for Scott Rolen. (a trademarked Bill Simmons aside – Scott Rolens $33 million not-quite-expiring contract ) After the whole Koskie experiment I think that any trade for a veteran infielder is bad for the Crew. Especially when he’s as overpaid as Rolen. $11 mil a year to hit .265? Shit, the whole idea makes me hope that the Brewers trade for Aubrey Huff, get the O’s to pay half his salary, and stick him in left field. We’ll send Peter Angelos 3-4 cases of High Life and a 1.75 of Kesslers. And maybe some cheese. And Bob Uecker will throw in a case of Usinger Brats. Oh, and Baltimore really IS a horseshit city.

And where the hell is Johan Santana headed? And who will the Twins get in return? And why does a dude from Venezuela have a German name that’s derived form the Hebrew Yochanan, which means “Yahweh is Gracious”? The way it looks now is that the winter meetings won’t end with Johan in a different locale, and my gut says that a team not even being mentioned will put together the right offer in a couple weeks (read: LA Dodgers)

Omar Minaya, anxious to dispel the talk he only goes after Latin players, trades for an anti-semitic outfielder.

Props to Travis Henry for fighting the man. Now you can afford to pay all that child support.


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