Monday Night Football Is The Greatest! (At least until it gets alzheimer’s)

Last week I wrote how awful Monday Night Football was and how the upcoming slate of games made Barbara Walters corpse look like Hannah Montana,errr an attractive female of legal age. Anyway I was wrong and as punishment I have slept with Barbara Walters, and I feel dirty.

 Last nights game was as good as it gets in the NFL. The ending of the game was like Oceans 14, tons of stars, a ridiculous number of breaks going their way, and the genius and his boy toy were victorious again. 

 The thing is I didn’t bother watching the game until halftime, because I way boycotting the monstosity that was MNF. This unfortunately meant I did not have sufficient alcohol in my house to work myself into a drunken stupor and thus was unable to enjoy the real experience of MNF. It was like Christmas without presents, like hookers without blow.  It was incomplete.

 So the moral of the story is that whenever someone states one opinion strongly the law of averages pulls back and makes that person look like a fucking idiot. In this case I was completely wrong about MNF and that was probably the game of the year so far. Does this mean I’m watching Atlanta-New Orleans next week? Of course not, that game is going to be like watching a pool boy get raped by an evil millionaire, whose fortune originated from the slave trade. I don’t watch gay porn.



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