I think the Nazis get a bad rap, and other important thoughts

A couple of quick thoughts and notes on last nights game:


Why aren’t there more movies with Nazis as the heroes? They are always the bad guys in the movies. I’m working on a script about a friendly Nazi soldier that protects his little sister from being sexually assaulted by the invading Allies.


I was definitely worried by how comfortable Brett Farve looked in the pregame shows, and interviews, and staged photos. I’m of the opinion that players should be left the fuck alone before games so they can get ready, but apparently the Packers do not buy into this crazy idea.


Who told the Cowboys that Marion Barber was better than Julius Jones? The cowboys were like the oblivious high-school dad who has the pot-smoking whore of a daughter but thinks she is an angel. Only he just walked in on her ripping a bong-hit during an orgy.  Now that the Cowboys know that Barber is at least twice as good as Jones they are going to be a lot tougher to beat.


As mentioned in the post below the forward progress call on the Owens pass was monumentally bad. Two officials disagreed on the call and I know the officials are instructed not to choose one ruling over another because that ruling can be reviewed, but I was not aware that they are instructed to make an arbitrary ruling specifically so that it cannot be reviewed. I mean he was moving sideways getting pushed out of bounds, when has that ever, and I mean ever, been a forward progress call? I’m just surprised there wasn’t an intentional grounding called on a running play yesterday.


The Cowboys out-coached the Packers early on in the game. The Cowboys were notorious this season for giving up long passes, mainly because Roy Williams thinks he’s playing linebacker, which makes we wonder why the hell he isn’t playing linebacker, but I’m only saying that because it makes complete sense. Earlier this season I wrote that the Packers could be a tough match for the Cowboys because of the long pass potential.  So what do the Cowboys do? They instruct their corners and safeties to stay back and not help with the run, like at all. The Packers did not begin pounding the ball up to middle to counter-adjust though, instead they just forging ahead with their game plan to go deep. Subsequently Farve forced passes into great coverage on play action and the Cowboys took the lead and kept it.  I wrote down in my notebook: “Easterbrook is writing game over in his notebook.”


The Cowboys offensive line was the MVP of yesterday’s game without a doubt.  I thought Romo played good, but the offensive line gave him the time to make him great. The Packers need to adjust when they can’t get pressure bringing four.


Aaron Rodgers looked good once he got his feet wet. He was very patient and took what the defense gave him. If I was the Cowboys I would have blitzed more because first year qbs usually struggle against the blitz, that will be Rodgers real test. Well that and hygiene, wow is he ugly.


You try and be a good cool guy, then you meet Steve the fifty year old monster who has been cutting trees for the last fifteen years and realize you are a man in name only.


Playing online poker drunk is fun. Playing online poker, telling everyone at the table you are drunk, playing like a maniac, and then dominating the table while tilting everyone is very very fun. 


Rich Eisen’s career is on the line if someone doesn’t buy him a bottle of Rogaine.


I thought the NFL Network’s coverage of the game was really good and packing every bar in Wisconsin led to a fun night for many. I think people are upset in principle, but actually probably enjoyed the game more because it forced them to go out.


2 Responses to I think the Nazis get a bad rap, and other important thoughts

  1. OMAR says:

    What? Brian Gumball is terrible. He ruins the NFL Network broadcast for me every time. When Koren Robinson made a catch in the second half, Gumball exclaimed that Robinson gets his first catch of the night.
    You’d think if you were calling the game you might remember the catch in the first half. Am I being too picky. After a punt, Gumball says the Packers will take over on offense when we return. The Pack had just punted. Oh, the ball is in and out of the hands of the receiver. The ball never touched the receiver’s hands. I don’t know if he’s watching the game all all. I don’t know if he even likes football.

    Aaron is an ugly mofo, but he played well.

    Dallas could have scored more touchdowns and kicked less field goals if not for some horrible play calling in the red zone.

    I think I might be done with drunk poker. It was fun. Then it was great fun. Then I made it a habit, and finally I gave away my bankroll while holding a flush, being fairly sure the other guy had a full boat, but I gave him my money anyway.

  2. joseffreedom says:

    I’m sure you’re analysis of the nfl network is closer to reality than mine. I was drinking heavily at a packed loud bar and couldn’t really hear the idiotic ramblings of Gumball. Mainly I liked the pretty graphics and I generally like Cris Collinsworth and think he analyzes a game well.

    When I play poker drunk I drop down in limits so I can’t do too much damage, of course I then start challenging lower limit players to play higher limits with me…

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