Dear Bill Simmons,

Remember when you wrote that column? You know which one, right? Well, it was this one. And what did I do in response to that column? I wrote you a nasty email full of invective. And I’m just writing you now to say that….I was wrong. You were right. I should have judged your column objectively, but instead I saw it through a pair of tinted glasses. Tinted with my Patriots-hate. I never even saw it coming.

What did I not see coming? The same guy who reffed the Pats-Colts game just threw the Packers-Cowboys game. That’s right. #132 John Parry just threw the game, the fix was in, and it was over so quick that I didn’t realize he was “that guy” until this morning. When you bitched about that pass interference call that gave the Colts a 1st and goal I was skeptical. When it happened in Thursday’s game, and the ‘Boys got a free 1st and goal with 8 minutes left in the game that they didn’t deserve, I was in shock. Then head referee John Parry came running down the field to throw the flag that the official 15 feet away didn’t throw, in fact calling the contact incidental.

When you complained about the terrible inbounds that was out-of-bounds call early in the 1st quarter of the Pats-Colts I could NOT believe you had actually written it. I thought perhaps that Gregg Easterbrook had broken into your office and penned that column just to have a Straw Man to beat up. But I was wrong Bill.   Al Harris took the ball away from TO on the Cowboys 1st pass in that direction, and when head referee John Parry ran over to Al Harris, ruled it Cowboys ball and then made the ONLY ruling that could not be challenged (forward progress halted??) I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach.  If only I had investigated the things you wrote on the 9th, I would have been prepared.
So Bill, I just want you to know that You were right, I was wrong, and I’m sorry. Sorry about the email I sent you, and sorry I didn’t believe you.

One Response to Dear Bill Simmons,

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