Effed in the Ay…

Wow did the Packers get Effed in the Ay.  The Cowboy’s first pass was caught and then stripped by Al Harris, and THEN the Packers got effed in the ay, as the refs called FORWARD PROGRESS HALTED.  WHY NOT CALL A COMPLETED PASS??  Because you’re referee John Parry.  You gifted the Cowboys 3 points, and denied the Packers 7 points, thus the margin of the Cowboy’s victory is null.   Look forward to seeing you faggots in January.  Till Tomorrow bitches….

PS…  Aaron Rodgers is the Packers version of Steve Young….

2 Responses to Effed in the Ay…

  1. Bob Dolesome Living says:

    I thought Aaron Rodgers is the Packers version of a white, right-handed Michael Vick who doesn’t kill dogs?

  2. joseffreedom says:

    Mostly correct but unfortunately, aware he was becoming the bizzaro Vick, Rodgers has suddenly decided to start raping cats. It’s ok though where he grew up it’s still a part of the culture, if only he could escape his past and hang out with the non-cat raping crowd. Maybe one day, maybe one day…

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