The Week 12 Monkey Vs. Machine Morbidity Report

I’ve already vented my frustrations this week, although I’m still waiting for the serenity to accept the things I cannot I can’t finish this sentence. After the easiest perfect day ever on Thanksgiving, I went a dismal 6-6 on Sunday, and bit off my nails last night through way too much scoreless football. I finish the week at 10-6, which is dissapointing for a number of reasons. Actually for 6 reasons. So how did the DVOA do? Well, after a perfect Thanksgiving the machine went? 8-5 is the answer, for a week long record of 11-5. The standings thusfar?

DVOA 11-5 (81-32 since week 5)

Monkey 10-6 (73-40 since week 5)

Which means I’m trailing a complicated mathematical formula by 8 games. In other….well its not news, but in other things, my 2 rules for the 2007 NFL regular season were almost upset by reality. Philly was actually up on New England and could have sent the game to overtime had it not been for the world’s most ill-timed interception, and Miami was in the game (if only by virtue of torrential rains and a field that resembled a mud-wrestling pit, minus two or more scantily clad women) until Pittsburgh made the final 3-0.


SO! Week 13 picks by Wednesday…


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