Taylor Died?? Turley’s Articulate??

I was very surprised to read this morning that Sean Taylor had died today. I probably should have considered it a possibility when I heard he had been shot, but….He was still breathing 12 hours after it happened, right? It sounded as if he was going to recover, right? And now he’s as dead as both my grandfathers. The permanence of death is something that I don’t dwell on every day, or every week, or even every month. Death is easily deniable when you are young and vital. But everyone dies and sleeps for eternity, dreamless. Death is the point beyond which there are no longer possibilities or choices. You did not live there, but Rest in Peace.

I was surprised again an hour or so later when I saw Kyle Turley on my television, speaking very articulately about providing heath care and necessities for players who don’t have the advantages of a pension, who have in fact been ignored by the NFL and the NFLPA, who in the past have both ignored the fact that the people on whom the legacy of the NFL has been built are old, and some are destitute, their health is failing and the beating their bodies absorbed over years of football ahave never really healed. I mean, this is what I knew Turley for, and it’s positive for him to be involved with Gridiron Greats.

**********Poor Taste Post Script**********

You think the Redskins will give a contract to the old lady from the EA Family Play commercials?  I saw the film, and MacGregor can lay the wood.


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