F@#$ You, Eli Manning…

How do you throw that many interceptions in one game?? At home?? That were returned for touchdowns?? You pillow-biting-turd-burgling-son-of-a-bitch. I said that you were better than the Vikings, didn’t I?? I overlooked your complete lack of concern about pissing away your career.

I’m glad I got that out of my system. But wait there’s more….

F@#$ You Herman Edwards. You call a hand-off to last weeks 3rd stringer on 4th down in a game deciding situation?? When Tony Gonzalez is on the field?? After you screwed the pooch by challenging AFTER you called a timeout?? You no-good-dirty-sack-of liquid-crap, pull your head out of your rectum and realize that Brodie Croyle is not the answer at QB. Then wipe the crap out of your mustache and hire an offensive coordinator that you will let call the plays.

I’m glad I got that out of my system. But there’s even more….

F#%$ you Niel Rackers. F@#$ you in your F@%%@+ ass, you ch-ch-choking bastard coated bastard. You f@#$ed my pick, you F@#$ed your fans, and you F#$%ed your team. Way to miss a game-winning 32 yarder. Eat shit and die. Oh, and F%^# you Kurt Warner, for fumbling in the end zone. What a lame end to a game you should have won. Go back to stocking shelves at the Rite-Aid.

I’m glad I got that out of my system. Unfortunately, I still have to shit some more….

F$@# you Denver Special Teams, you barely competent, ass dragging, no-blocking wastes of space. Not only do you let Devin Hester take two back to the house, BUT YOU LET CHICAGO BLOCK A PUNT TOO!! SO F#*& YOU DENVER, YOU PUT THE SPECIAL BACK IN SPECIAL TEAMS……..

I think that’s it. I hope there’s no more hate left inside me….Uh-Oh….

F@#$ ME. That’s right, F$%^ me for picking against Cleveland and New Orleans. Those were my own f@#$ing fault, You truly are an @$$hole, me. I hope I rot in hell.

I’m done now. Completely finished venting my spleen. I hope. Unless Pittsburgh screws the pooch again this week.


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