Week 12 Monkey Versus DVOA Thanksgiving Extravaganza.

I feel pretty good about last week s picks, and I hope that next week I’ll feel the same about what I am about to write.  Here’s the breakdown on Thanksgiving day…

Green Bay @ Detroit

DVOA –>GB by 40.6%

Monkey –> Detroit could just as easily be 4-6.  Packers by 4.

NY Jets @ Dallas

DVOA –>DAL by 59.1%

Monkey –> When this game starts I suggest you turn off the TV, carve the turkey, spoon out the mashed potatoes, and leisurely finish your pumpkin pie over a steaming hot mug of cider.  Then turn the TV back on to see the Cowboys take a knee to end this waste of airtime.  Cowboys by 17.

Indianapolis @ Atlanta

DVOA –>IND by 57.9%

Monkey –> This game is a little like the inevitable argument between your aunt and your brother.  It’ll start innocently enough, but quickly spiral out of control, leaving everyone involved wondering exactly how complementing the hostess curtains could turn into an indictment of your sister’s ‘sinful’ life choices.  If you know what’s good for you’ll remember that abortion is not polite dinner conversation.  Colts by 13.

I promise to have the rest of my week 12 picks up by Saturday morning.  Not that anyone really cares.  Konichiwa bitches….


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