Peavy Extension

A quick hit follow up to my starting pitcher/qb column. The Padres are apparently talking to Peavy about an extension:

This is all well and good but this line amazed me: “Don’t expect the Padres to guarantee Peavy the $18.3 million rate Zambrano got from the Cubs, and don’t expect Peavy to insist on it. ”

Ummm… Zambrano’s contract was a discount so the Padres want a discount on top of a discount? Freaking Zito got 18 million, and Peavy would get paid at least 20 for a ton of years on the open market. He’s a young stud who was just unanimously the Cy Young but he shouldn’t insist on getting the full discounted price Zambrano got?

 The only question with Peavy is that he pitched in Petco park, but over the last three years he is 21-12 with a 3.33 ERA on the road. Hopefully someone straightens him out in to demanding at least 18 million, hell even 20 is probably a bargain. 


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